Lighter fare

Th thirst for sports sports and more sports continues.

It’s hard to figure out how to introduce this, so I’ll just post it for a bit of levity as the day begins.

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  1. Dustin F, OCDS says:

    Barkley: ” I’m not gonna lie, Marv – there’s been a lot of sloppy play today. Some of that’s because of social distancing. And some that is because they’re nuns.” Ha ha ha! Absolute gold. That man is a national treasure.

  2. Sportsfan says:

    I need more.

  3. Semper Gumby says:

    Sportsfan: Two dogs, one bone, one sports commentator. A legend will be born. A champion will be crowned.

  4. Sportsfan says:

    Thanks Always.

    I’m starting to understand why my daughter, who is finishing her sophomore year of college from home, spends 10 hours a day in front of the PC to finish her coursework.

  5. monstrance says:

    Frank is the best impressionist on the planet

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    You know, playing HORSE is a really fun basketball game, and anybody can play it. All you need is a basketball, hoop, and another person. Player 1 takes a shot, and Player 2 has to make that same shot, same distance, etc. If you don’t, you get a letter, until you spell HORSE, then the other player wins.
    You can also play PIG for a shorter game, same idea. Believe it or not, even for adults this is a very fun game. You end up saying something like “Right hand, no lookie, one leg”, which means shoot with your right hand, keep your eyes closed, and stand on one leg.
    We all need to get outside these days. It’s fun, a bit of exercise, and competitive too.
    Any age can play!

  7. monstrance says:

    And Horse and pig seem to be universal.
    Why is that ?

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