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ASK FATHER: Change the shape of Hosts to make them easier to administer in COVID-19 time

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Would changing the shape of a host be allowed in order to decrease the chance of the priest touching a communicant’s tongue? Would an oval shaped host, for example, make it easier for the priest when … Read More

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LIVE STREAM – Good Friday Tenebrae – 0930 CDT

We will sing Tenebrae for Good Friday at 0930 CDT.  Live stream HERE. Also check out LatinMass.live  

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Archbp. Viganò asks all priests and bishops to recite the Exorcism on Holy Saturday, 1500h Rome time #exorcismus2020

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has asked that all the bishops and priests in the world to recite from the Ritule Romanum Title XI, chapter 3, the “Exorcism against Satan and the Apostate Angels” (the long for of the prayer to St. Michael … Read More

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