ASK FATHER: What to do with old occult objects after repentance and confession?

From a reader…


In my past life, I dealt with occult things, specifically sigils.

I have since reverted and been absolved of all related sins, but yesterday came across an old journal with some sigils in it from that time.

Do I need to do anything in particular with the journal, or can I just shred it?

First, I am so glad that you got yourself to confession and gave up all that dangerous demonic stuff.

Occult involvement can open up the door to demons, who then claim the right to attach to objects, places and people.  Their bond has to be broken.

In the case of possible attachment of demons to that journal, if you can, find a priest who is able to read Title XI, ch. 3 of the Rituale Romanum over the object before burning it. Then the ashes should be thrown into running water, like a river.

If some object can’t be burnt, as in the case of metal or stone amulets, etc., break the thing so that its form is gone, and then throw the parts into a river.

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  1. Kirk says:

    About 6 or so years ago I found at my parents home our childhood Ouija board. Well I took out Of their house and brought back to my back yard and burnt it up with the biggest bonfire that I ever have had. I said prayers against it and prayers for my family. The best part was my children were with me and i was able to use this as a huge teaching moment. I’ll try and find a picture of they event and maybe share it with you.

  2. xavier says:


    Why do the objects need to be thrown in a running river?
    What ‘s the symbolism if that’s the correct term of art fir this action?



  3. Philmont237 says:

    After my grandmother died, who was a very devout Catholic, we found my grandfather’s old 14th degree Scottish Rite Freemason ring. We took it to a jeweler who melted it down.
    Thanks be to God, my grandfather was a deathbed conversion and was baptized before his passed.

  4. JesusFreak84 says:

    Last time I was at my parents’, I found my sister’s tarot cards, a book, etc. Since the possessions aren’t mine, I dropped some holy water on them while whispering the St. Michael prayer. Put holy water in the rest of her room, doing likewise. Not much else I CAN do, sadly.

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