VIDEO VIRTUAL CONFERENCE by Latin Mass Society (UK): 18 JULY 2020 – Catholicism in a COVID-19 World

I am happy to let you know that the greatly esteemed Latin Mass Society of the UK (I am a dues paying member even though I don’t live there) is putting a virtual, video conference online.

18 JULY 2020

The speakers include yours truly.

No registration is necessary, although to sign up for updates before
and during the event, go to: HERE


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  1. JabbaPapa says:

    My aunt was a great supporter and patroness, with her husband, of the Latin Mass Society — she told me of her joy from the good news of Summorum Pontificum ; I gave her the good news of my joyful conversion, Baptism, and Confirmation into the Catholic Christian Faith.

    I was sadly too ill to attend her FSSP-given funeral.

    Please pray for the intentions in our Lord’s Heaven of my aunt Denise and her husband Derek ; please pray for the excellent Vocations of the Latin Mass Society and the FSSP priests in England.

  2. Gab says:

    And includes Ft Tim Finigan! Looking forward to this.

  3. Gab says:

    Impressive talk, Fr Z!! Thank you. Fabulous, just like your homilies, which I love! Glad you included your famous ”go to confession” :)

    A friend is watching your talk and she texted me as I often mention your blog. She said ”he’s kinda cute”. And she thoroughly enjoyed your talk.

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