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Rep. Jim Jordan in House hearing: “Big Tech’s out to get conservatives” – VIDEO

This is a big deal. Picked up from RealClearPolitics. Rep. Jim Jordan accused technology and social media companies of attempting to influence voters in the upcoming election on Wednesday at a hearing on antitrust issues with the heads of Amazon, … Read More

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The Traditional Latin Mass is going to be a key to any positive future for Catholicism in these USA.

The plural of anecdote is “data”. COVID-1984 has accelerated a force operating on the Church as inexorably as The Biological Solution works on us all:  a huge demographic sinkhole is opening under the Church.  Shortly, everything is going to look … Read More

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China hacked the Vatican? Of COURSE China hacked the Vatican!

This just in from The Hill. Group says China hackers infiltrated Vatican ahead of expected talks A cybersecurity firm has concluded that Chinese hackers penetrated the Vatican’s computer networks in recent months during the lead-up to negotiations between the Catholic … Read More

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