You are NOT exempt from service, dear readers.  None of us are. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

At Crisis today there is a good piece about “cancel culture” and the would-be despots who use it as a tool of bullying and intimidation.

“Cancel culture” is within the walls, now, of the Church as well, like orcs at Helms Deep, like New catholic Red Guards in your neighborhood.  Believe me.  I’m a recipient.

The stepping off point for the piece at Crisis was the cancelling of actress Gino Carano.

I am not a Star Wars fan over all… meh… but I have to admit I liked The Mandalorian.   Great theme music, too.

Carano had a good character.  But, she engaged in “Wrongthink” (have you read 1984? US HERE – UK HERE).  Thinkpol vaporized Carano at Miniluv.

Like Disney and Star Wars, hate Disney and Star Wars… this should not have been done to her.  It was simply an act of woke terrorism.

From Crisis


In the world of woke corporate fascism, making money has become secondary. While Goya Foods, Chick-Fil-A, and My Pillow saw their sales skyrocket when they refused to bend to the woke mob, the NFL and Target lost customers by being too woke. But instead of changing their policies, they doubled down on their wokeness.

The primary goal for woke corporations is power because power is the primary goal of all would-be tyrants. What do these corporations care if they lose a million or even a billion dollars if they can get everyone to bend to their will? Like a bully who enjoys making other kids cry “uncle,” these corporate tyrants love exerting their control over us. Americans must allow men to use the restroom with our little girls; we must stand and cheer for men who refuse to stand and cheer for our country; but most of all, we must never engage in Wrongthink!


The woke elites who run most of the world’s major corporations despise us. They think they are superior to us, that we are not smart enough, or cultured enough, or cosmopolitan enough to think correctly. Those of us who disagree with them must be reeducated or destroyed. They want us to not only be silenced, but to starve. They don’t want us to have jobs or friends or anything. If you dared to vote wrong, you must be reeducated until you grovel properly, or you must be shunned and starve. Because you engage in Wrongthink, you do not deserve to make a living to feed your family.


The writer comes to the big question:

“So, what can we as Catholics do?”

It is a good question to ask as Lent begins.

Lent is a time of spiritual “disciplina… discipline”.

I suggest that in this time of heightened spiritual warfare that we have clearly entered, we should use this Lent as either:

boot camp


special forces training.

Discern who and what you are and choose the appropriate level.  Be honest.  Some of you are more advanced than others in the spiritual life.  Time to do more.  Some of you are doing very little and you need to get to work.  START.

You are NOT exempt from service, dear readers.  None of us are.

As a deadly enemy of humanity once put it, “You might not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

The woke elites despise you.

The Enemy of the soul despises you.

They both want your spiritual reduction.

How about saying a Rosary, at least one decade…. RIGHT NOW.

And then make plans to


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  1. teomatteo says:

    None of us are exempt. I fix teeth and recently got an email from a major dental insurance company (foundation) and the survey was all about my opinion on the Tran/quee community. I’ve never seen such a community. Spamm’ed them. To keep my license i will need to comply… at some point. It is coming. Teeth. Trannies and you!

  2. JPCahill says:

    ““Cancel culture” is within the walls, now, of the Church as well. . . .”

    Oh, dear, Father. Not “now” and “as well” rather “still”. I think perhaps the Catholic Church invented it. In any event, we’ve been at it pretty industriously for the past half century or so. Was it first when Cardinal Ottaviani had his microphone cut off in mid speech during a session of The Very Best Council That Ever Was? How many traditional, or even just conservative, women pushed out of convents? (I have two in mind that I knew myself.) How many now ex-seminarians were found “too rigid” for the modern church? I think of Msgr Shear’s forced retirement 40 some years ago because of his one (1) traditional Mass on Sunday mornings.

    Oh, Father, I think perhaps you’re just the latest victim in a very long series.

    [It’s a topic I am all too well versed in.]

  3. ex seaxe says:

    If the piece at Crisis includes all the material that Lucasfilms have against Gino Carano then, unusually, she has a simple remedy. They say that it is antisemitic, anyone who can read plain English can see that it is not. She should sue Lucasfilms for defamation.
    Unfortunately these days many people are not prepared to understand plain English, they bring a readiness to take offence and a failure to, as you try to emphasise below, THINK.

  4. InFormationDiakonia says:

    Thanks for the sound to arms Father Z! I began my special forces counterinsurgency by cutting off Disney Plus after the Carano incident. I am a Star Wars fan (Disney has ruined it) and the Mandalorian was very good. But I can no longer stomach any in the woke crowd, outside or inside the church. Disney no longer gets my money in any capacity. I find my little ways to rebel and I feel good, knowing I am doing my part for the Resistance.

    My little rebellion? Every chance I get I mention how nice it would be to have Latin again in some parts of the Mass – focusing on the Agnus Dei first. I haven’t won yet, but I persevere in wearing down my opponents. They know I’m always going to mention it (I’ve mentioned chant as well). I’ll get there at some point. I’ve also reclaimed the altar decoration – no more do they put the colored cloths OVER the altar cloth in violation of the GIRM (when mentioned to our priest he admitted he hadn’t read the GIRM for a while…).

    Cancel culture must be fought against and WE all must do it! Reclaim our culture and reclaim our Rites!

  5. InFormationDiakonia says:

    And as an edit, I paraphrase something I read this on Crisis this morning in the comments section on one of their articles. We need to quite calling them Woke. They are liars, tyrants, bullies, fascists, and Marxists. Whether inside or outside the Church, all these liars and petty tyrants are led by the Prince of Lies. So let’s stop pussyfooting around with this and hit them back – don’t call the Leftist “Woke” any longer. They are “Asleep”, “Liars”, “Tyrants”, “Bullies”. I for one am going to start doing that!

  6. WVC says:

    The part I question in the Crisis article is the “don’t leave their platform, make them kick you off their platform” part. Twitter is a business. Jack Dorsey makes his millions based on the data he can mine from his millions upon millions of registered and active users. Zuckerburg, likewise, makes his millions based on the data he mines from his millions of millions of users which he sells to advertisers and other organizations (back when Obama was first running for office, Zuck gladly gave all that information to his campaign).

    Personally, I think Social Media is intrinsically disordered, and I don’t have, never had, and refuse to get any social media accounts. However, for those who want social media, there are both viable alternatives as well as the Mastodon construct to create federated universes of social networks which can be owned, operated, and controlled outside of any corporate influence. Anyone who thinks they can “win the fight” on FaceBook or Twitter or YouTube are overly optimistic. Whether “winning the fight” there would even be possible under the best of circumstances is debatable, but we’re so far away from anything that could even be considered fair circumstances that it’s not worth arguing over. Meanwhile, you continue to put money in the pockets of Zuck and Dorsey and Bezos and company while you continue to get harrassed, doxxed, and threatened online, with a potential job loss on the other end of every “inappropriate” tweet. It seems like an awful lot of risk on our side for little to no gain. Sounds like a loser strategy from where I sit.

    Folks should look into Gab or Parler or Mastodon or whatnot and leave the FaceBooks, Apples, Googles, and Twitters behind. Consider a GrapheneOS phone for something that won’t track you and report you to the federal authorities. There are options. Running face first into the opposing team’s most heavily defended and well fortified battle line is probably not the best one.

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