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Your Sunday Sermon Notes – Septuagesima Sunday (NO – 4th Ordinary) 2021

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday (obligation or none), either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was. Too many people today are without good, strong … Read More


Daily Rome Shot 64

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Daily Rome Shot 63

Photo by Bree Dail.

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ASK FATHER: Making a General Confession

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Watching the signs of our times and considering my life, I feel God is calling me to make a general Confession. So I set the date for next Tuesday, but I am in need of some … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Why is it “Septuagesima” if it isn’t really the 70th day before Easter?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Tomorrow is Septuagesima Sunday, which is supposed to mean “seventieth”, as in 70 days from Easter. Then next Sunday is Sexagesima, or “sixtieth”, 10 days difference but only 7 days later. How does this add up? … Read More

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JUST TOO COOL: 3000 year old royal purple fabric discovered in Israel (think… King David, Solomon)

Here is something for your Just Too Cool file. From SciTech Daily: A Glimpse Into the Royal Purple Wardrobe of King David and King Solomon – 3000 Years Ago “King Solomon made for himself the carriage; he made it of … Read More

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Burying the “Alleluia”

There is a lovely custom attached to Septuagesima Sunday and Pre-Lent: burying the Alleluia. At Septuagesima we stop, in the traditional rites, singing an Alleluia after the Gradual and, instead, sing a Tract.  The Alleluia isn’t heard in Masses of … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 62

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A note from a true priest hero – Fr. Dana Christensen

A shout out to Fr. Dana Christensen, priest and hero.  I’ve written about Fr. Christensen before.  He has ALS and it is progressing. He wrote the following with an eye gaze computer and he has support for HIS SITE from … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Does idolatry incur a greater penalty than other mortal sins? Wherein Fr. Z rants.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Does violation of the First Commandment of the Decalogue (such as acts of literal idolatry and/or demon worship) entail a greater penalty / injury to the offending baptized Catholic than mortal sins against the other Commandments? … Read More

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Society and God’s role

I was sent a brief video made a few years ago. It is about religious freedom. It is about the bedrock of our society. The video features Clay Christensen, a Mormon and economist, etc., who died in 2020 from cancer. … Read More

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PLEASE use the sharing buttons! Thanks! Registered here or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read? Continued from THESE. Let’s remember all who … Read More

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If you don’t know your catechism… don’t know your Homer… your Dante… well….

Today is one of those days when there are several good reads on the interwebs.  I can recommend two more from Crisis both from today. First, there is an important piece from Aaron Seng, “The Catechism Crisis”.  He is the head … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 61


Fr Longenecker: “Be Subversive — Get Married!” and Fr Z rants a little.

Fr. Longenecker has a good piece at Stream.   It’s as subversive as his advice to young people. In the setup for his argument for young couples (male and female) to marry in church, have kids, stick close to the Church … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Hosts and wine for when we have to shelter an underground priest – UPDATE

UPDATE: 27 January 2021: A post by Peter Kwasniewski over at NLM dovetails well with this post. He writes about the building of home altars, that is, altars useful for the celebration of Mass in your home. This might be … Read More

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Pecknold on Biden on Augustine

I studiously avoided any coverage of the “inauguration” last week.  I have, after that, done my best to avert my eyes from news.   I did see that D.C. was turned into an armed bastion through the deployment of subsequently abused … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Indulgence for kissing a new priest’s hands

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Is there really an indulgence for kissing the hands of a newly ordained priest?  I’ve heard different accounts.  And how long is “newly”? I have written about this before.   For example, HERE. There is no indulgence, … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 60

Photo by Bree Dail.  

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Navy Chaplain posthumously received the Navy Cross

Here is something that I had readied for posting and then, given recent events, the draft scrolled away from my view. Take a moment to check out this piece at the Navy Times about the posthumous awarding of the Navy Cross … Read More

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