Fr. Z with thanks to benefactors and suggestions

A word of thanks to those of you who joined the “200” project via PayPal who have sent donations by other means, such as Venmo (works like a charm using the Q-code), Transferwise (very cool – which is now called simply Wise), and checks through snail mail often with marvelous notes. Many thanks also to those of you who stepped up to help Fr. Christensen.

Also, some of you have been sending packing materials via my Amazon wishlist.  I’m so grateful.  Alas, it happens not seldom that Amazon omits the little slips which tell me who sent the gifts.  I try to send everyone a note if I can.  (BTW… one of the things that annoys my critics the most, apart from my food posts and… well, pretty much everything about me… is the fact that I have a wishlist and that people use it.) The packing materials and gift cards are the urgent items now.

Thanks greatly to J for moving bags, K and C and S for boxes, T for tape and foam sheets.  I thank all those whose names I’ve not been able to determine.  My and your angels know you.

There are a few things which you willing readers could do to help. 

First on the list, engage with my moving team, St. Joseph for my material needs and Mary, Queen of priests for all the churchy stuff which will come.

Next, help me by helping yourselves.   If you have any online shopping to do using Amazon, PRETTY PLEASE, before the end of the month especially, use my link HERE to enter into Amazon.  BOOKMARK it, too.  After that, for that session, I’ll get a small percent of what you spend.  I can’t see what people buy.  Small amounts add up.   And, please, tell one other person about using my link?   It all helps. When I shop on Amazon, I use my own link!  The link is always at the top of the right side bar on the blog.  Also, there’s another way… but I can’t put that on the blog right now.

Third, there is always a monthly subscription option.

Some options

Lastly, because I have had a little gap in intentions, I have regularly been saying Mass for my benefactors.   I did so yesterday and today as well. It is my honor and duty to be able to do so.  Please pray for me as I do for you.


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