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“Portable Personal Air Mobility System” – UPDATE – POLL

I know that Fr. Finigan would agree that these are long over due. [UPDATE: On Twitter Fr. F asked for a poll.  Be careful of what you ask for.] From Military Times: Jet packs are on their way to a … Read More

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On the St. Peter’s Mass Suppression Stunt viewed from the Left

People are still talking about the decision to suppress priests’ individual Masses in St. Peter’s Basilica to force everyone into uniformity. I wrote HERE and HERE.  Card. Burke HERE At Fishwrap, Christopher White – big surprise here – mischaracterized my … Read More

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Reactions to CDF Statement forbidding blessings of same-sex unions – UPDATED

UPDATE 17 March: Within a day and a half after the CDF doc against blessing of homosexual couples, 600 German pastoral workers, half of them priests, declare that they will continue to bless homosexual couples. Two people had started this … Read More

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2000 year old biblical texts, coins, 10000 year old basket, found in cave in the Judean desert

One of you long-time readers sent me a link to this fascinating story in the Jerusalem Post. Great photos in the piece. 2,000-year-old biblical texts found in Israel, 1st since Dead Sea Scrolls 6,000-year-old child skeleton found together with world’s … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 103

Photo by Bree Dail.

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