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Post-Brexit, Europe needs a new official language. If only there were one that stood for historic European unity….

A priest friend sent this.  From TRTWorld.com with some emphases and comments. French call to replace English with Latin as Europe’s official language Met with scorn for now, the sentiment against English language is moving from the fringes to mainstream politics. An anti-English movement is … Read More

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Card. Burke reacts to the St. Peter’s Mass Suppression: rescind it immediately

UPDATE: Card. Burke’s statement can be read at his page: HERE At the National Catholic Register (which is a Catholic paper and not to be confused with the Fishwrap), there is a piece by Ed Pentin about Raymond Leo Card. … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 101

Photo by Bree Dail.

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ASK FATHER: Must I go to a Novus Ordo Mass and receive on the hand to fulfill my “Easter Duty”?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Our churches in the Diocese of ___  have been allowed to have public Masses offered with 15% capacity of the fire code regulations, but with very strict restrictions from the bishop (more strict than the government’s … Read More

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Wherein doubt about the St. Peter’s Mass Suppression Decree is suppressed

Yesterday news broke about a decree from the Vatican’s Secretariate of State which suppresses individual Masses by priests in the Vatican Basilica and grossly restricts the location for the Traditional Latin Mass to the Clementine Chapel.  I wrote on it … Read More

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