Okay… so now it’s “humanity” and not Russia and Ukraine – UPDATED: TEXT OF THE CONSECRATION

UPDATE 25 March 2022:

The consecration took place today in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Below, I wondered if the puzzling aspects of the text were intended to separate this act from the requestion of Our Lady of Fatima, to make it “free-standing”, as it were.

Today, the consecration tool place before a statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Hence, I am more than likely wrong about that, unless they are throwing a real curve.

UPDATE 23 March 2022:

While I posted in a comment that a friend mentioned to me that he thought that “Land of Heaven” might have a Byzantine connection.. I’ve been putting my old cyrilic skills to work on that, but we really need Easter Catholics to chime in- there is definitely a connection of that title “land of heaven” with the Pachamama demon cult.

From Agencia Servicios Informativos, describing the Pachamama bands of color.

La madre tierra tiene cuatro estratos cada uno representado por un color. El que está debajo, lo llamamos en el idioma mapuche “minche mapu” y se lo identifica con el rojo, tanto por la sangre derramada en defensa de nuestros derechos (desde el comienzo de la conquista hasta la de Santiago Maldonado, Rafael Nahuel y tantos recientes en América) como por el fuego que forma el centro del planeta. El siguiente es “karu mapu”, la tierra verde donde transcurren nuestras vidas. Más arriba está la “wenu mapu” tierra del cielo, idenficada con el celeste y donde tenemos la atmósfera con sus nubes, sus vientos. Y más alto aún, la “pullu mapu”, tierra de las almas, identificada con el amarillo por la luz del sol que alumbra y nos permite vivir….

Mother Earth has four strata, each represented by a color. The one below, we call in the Mapuche language “minche mapu” and is identified with red, both because of the blood shed in defense of our rights (from the beginning of the conquest to that of Santiago Maldonado, Rafael Nahuel and so many recent in America) and by the fire that forms the center of the planet. Next is “karu mapu”, the green land where our lives take place. Higher up is the “wenu mapu” land of the sky, identified with the sky and where we have the atmosphere with its clouds, its winds. And higher still, the “pullu mapu”, land of souls, identified with yellow by the light of the sun that illuminates and allows us to live.


Is that strong enough a connection?  Not sure.

Originally posted Mar 22, 2022


Francis from the window of the residence of Popes, the Apostolic Palace – where is does not live – now says:

Invito ogni comunità e ogni fedele a unirsi a me venerdì 25 marzo, Solennità dell’Annunciazione, nel compiere un solenne Atto di consacrazione dell’umanità, specialmente della Russia e dell’Ucraina, al Cuore immacolato di Maria, affinché Lei, la Regina della pace, ottenga al mondo la pace.

I invite every community and all the faithful to join me on Friday 25 March, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, in carrying out a solemn Act of consecration of humanity, especially of Russia and Ukraine, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that she, the Queen of peace, obtain peace for the world.

Interesting, no?

It is said that, just before John Paul II did a consecration of Russia, he was approached and he changed the formula.

So, who got to Francis?


The cover letter and the text.  Note on page 2 of the Consecration…

“At this hour, a weary and distraught humanity stands with you beneath the cross, needing to entrust itself to you and, through you, to consecrate itself to Christ. The people of Ukraine and Russia, who venerate you with great love, now turn to you,….”

So… “humanity” calls on Mary.

“Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine.”

So, this is a consecration of “the Church and all humanity”.

That’s … everyone, everywhere.

Thought: Was this done specifically to distance this act from anything having to do with the messages of Our Lady of Fatima?

When the news broke about this, I wrote here, “It depends on what is said.”   Yup.  It does depend.   What I read here is a consecration of “humanity” and the “Church”.   I read a plea for “the people of” Russia and Ukraine but not in any way separated from the way the Church and all humanity are consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

Yes, “the people of” Russia and Ukraine get honorable mention.

Think of a graduation ceremony.  All the recipients get their diploma and one might be singled out as valedictorian.  That person is not being granted a degree higher than the others or a double award, High School diploma with Oak Leaf Cluster.

Also, I am turning over in my head the implications of consecrating “the people”, “humanity” and the “Church”.  First, the Church IS the Body of Christ.  Hard to get more consecrated than that.  The Church is made up of baptized living stones.  Some of them are even more consecrated, in a more technical sense of the word: certain religious, virgins, clergy.   Otherwise, things and places are consecrated, in the technical sense: chalices for Mass, bells, buildings such as a church, places such as cemeteries.

A Catholic Dictionary says that “consecration” is:

An ecclesiastical act by which a person or thing is definitely set apart from some religious office, state, or use.  It is superior to and more solemn than a blessing, from which it must be distinguished.

I wonder what “consecration” means in this Act to be read in a few days.

However, there is a non-technical meaning of this polyvalent word. It intends something along the lines of “place under the protection of”… like entrust.

Do you suppose that what the Blessed Virgin wants, wanted, wants… who knows now, given the confusion about consecrations of Russia, yes or no… RUSSIA, the nation, that would have included Ukraine in 1917, not just a rather general entrustment and blessings of the people, but something rather more … what’s the word… “binding”?

More than once the Blessed Virgin told Sr. Lucia about the consecration of Russia.  In 1941 Sr. Lucia reported that in the July apparition in 1917 Mary said:

 I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the communion of reparation on the first Saturday’s. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

Anyway, read the text.  It’s not bad.  It just seems to be a consecration of humanity and the Church and Russia and Ukraine get honorable mention.

Am I wrong?

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Basilica of Saint Peter 25 March 2022

0 Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, in this time of trial we turn to you. As our Mother, you love us and know us: no concern of our hearts is hidden from you. Mother of mercy, how often we have experienced your watchful care and your peaceful presence! You never cease to guide us to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Yet we have strayed from that path of peace. We have forgotten the lesson learned from the tragedies of the last century, the sacrifice of the millions who fell in two world wars. We have disregarded the commitments we made as a community of nations. We have betrayed peoples’ dreams of peace and the hopes of the young. We grew sick with greed, we thought only of our own nations and their interests, we grew indifferent and caught up in our selfish needs and concerns. We chose to ignore God, to be satisfied with our illusions, to grow arrogant and aggressive, to suppress innocent lives and to stockpile weapons. We stopped being our neighbor’s keepers and stewards of our common home. We have ravaged the garden of the earth with war and by our sins we have broken the heart of our heavenly Father, who desires us to be brothers and sisters. We grew indifferent to everyone and everything except ourselves. Now with shame we cry out: Forgive us, Lord!

Holy Mother, amid the misery of our sinfulness, amid our struggles and weaknesses, amid the mystery of iniquity that is evil and war, you remind us that God never abandons us, but continues to look upon us with love, ever ready to forgive us and raise us up to new life. He has given you to us and made your Immaculate Heart a refuge for the Church and for all humanity. By God’s gracious will, you are ever with us; even in the most troubled moments of our history, you are there to guide us with tender love.

We now turn to you and knock at the door of your heart. We are your beloved children. In every age you make yourself known to us, calling us to conversion. At this dark hour, help us and grant us your comfort. Say to us once more: “Am I not here, I who am your Mother?” You are able to untie the knots of our hearts and of our times. In you we place our trust. We are confident that, especially in moments of trial, you will not be deaf to our supplication and will come to our aid.

That is what you did at Cana in Galilee, when you interceded with Jesus and he worked the first of his signs. To preserve the joy of the wedding feast, you said to him: “They have no wine” (Jn 2:3). Now, 0 Mother, repeat those words and that prayer, for in our own day we have run out of the wine of hope, joy has fled, fraternity has faded. We have forgotten our humanity and squandered the gift of peace. We opened our hearts to violence and destructiveness. How greatly we need your maternal help!

Therefore, 0 Mother, hear our prayer. Star of the Sea, do not let us be shipwrecked in the tempest of war.
Ark of the New Covenant, inspire projects and paths of reconciliation.


Queen of Heaven, restore God’s peace to the world.
Eliminate hatred and the thirst for revenge, and teach us forgiveness.
Free us from war, protect our world from the menace of nuclear weapons.
Queen of the Rosary, make us realize our need to pray and to love.
Queen of the Human Family, show people the path of fraternity.
Queen of Peace, obtain peace for our world.

O Mother, may your sorrowful plea stir our hardened hearts. May the tears you shed for us make this valley parched by our hatred blossom anew. Amid the thunder of weapons, may your prayer turn our thoughts to peace. May your maternal touch soothe those who suffer and flee from the rain of bombs. May your motherly embrace comfort those forced to leave their homes and their native land. May your Sorrowful Heart move us to compassion and inspire us to open our doors and to care for our brothers and sisters who are injured and cast aside.

Holy Mother of God, as you stood beneath the cross, Jesus, seeing the disciple at your side, said: “Behold your son” (Jn 19:26). In this way he entrusted each of us to you. To the disciple, and to each of us, he said: “Behold, your Mother” (v. 27). Mother Mary, we now desire to welcome you into our lives and our history. At this hour, a weary and distraught humanity stands with you beneath the cross, needing to entrust itself to you and, through you, to consecrate itself to Christ. The people of Ukraine and Russia, who venerate you with great love, now turn to you, even as your heart beats with compassion for them and for all those peoples decimated by war, hunger, injustice, and poverty.

Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine. Accept this act that we carry out with confidence and love. Grant that war may end and peace spread throughout the world. The “Fiat” that arose from your heart opened the doors of history to the Prince of Peace. We trust that, through your heart, peace will dawn once more. To you we consecrate the future of the whole human family, the needs and expectations of every people, the anxieties and hopes of the world.

Through your intercession, may God’s mercy be poured out on the earth and the gentle rhythm of peace return to mark our days. Our Lady of the “Fiat”, on whom the Holy Spirit descended, restore among us the harmony that comes from God. May you, our “living fountain of hope”, water the dryness of our hearts. In your womb Jesus took flesh; help us to foster the growth of communion. You once trod the streets of our world; lead us now on the paths of peace. Amen.


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  1. SeelDad says:

    Beyond frustrating. Why can’t these guys just follow the instructions. The hubris to think that they know how to do it better than how the BVM requested! And here I had my hopes up for a few days – I should’ve know better…

  2. phlogiston says:

    Who got to Francis? My money is on a guy named Schwab. (And double or nothing, he got to him a long time ago.)

  3. Lurker 59 says:

    I have always been fascinated by the tendency of some prelates to do X+Y or Y where Y = X + Z when God, or His messenger, has said to just do X. It is the same issue as those who cannot “say the black and do the red”. It is almost a compulsion on the parts of some to tinker and to elevate themselves in liturgical matters.

    Numbers 20 needs to be read over and over again in seminary until it is drilled in completely, I think.

    [The thing is, the Meribah incident is recalled every day in the Novus Ordo version of the Office, the Liturgia horarum, in the Invitatory.]

  4. oledocfarmer says:

    The Good Lord is running this process, and He’s the big boss. But if past is prologue, this change will not work out well. Let’s pray HARD that he changes it back.

  5. supercooper says:

    I saw on 1P5 Matt Gaspers reporting that German bishops asked him to tone down the “eurocentric” emphasis of the proposed consecration. Never-mind that it is Europe that is most threatened by nuclear war. Faithless dolts.

    For a church that prizes obedience we sure have a hard time following instructions.

  6. Gaby Carmel says:

    Well, the prayer has been published, and it’s a beautiful prayer, and quite long. And at the end, it mentions both Russia and Ukraine twice, quite clearly. Thank God!

  7. Anneliese says:

    Who got to Pope Francis?

    Someone probably whispered in his ear saying it’s more ecumenical or more enticing to other bishops if the intended individual or places was more inclusive rather than singling out any specific country. How could the Pope not consecrate migrants from South America or Africa they ask? They’ll ask why they should be left out?

    I live in St. Louis. As far as I know I haven’t heard our Archbishop joining in. Why? Because the pressing matter is racism and the archdiocese’s version of the synodal way they’re trying to implement. If the Pope had said let’s consecrate xyz to the Immaculate Heart to end racism, I guarantee most of the USCCB would be begging every parish in the US to join in.

  8. supercooper says:

    Gaby, I agree. It looks good.

  9. It says the Pope consecrates humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine. Why does that not fit the bill? Amid the multiplicity of words, it does contain an explicit consecration of Russia.

    I get that this is all a part of the Novus Ordo mindset of monkeying with formulas until people begin to doubt their validity. But I don’t see why adding things to be consecrated would affect the validity of this act as carrying out our Lady’s request. I would be worried if it omitted to mention Russia.

    [Good point.]

  10. Kevin says:

    Antics with semantics. Is every prayer with silent intention void?
    I have on video, broadcast on a spanish TV station in the late 1980’s, an interview, where Lucia states that the consecration was done by JPII as our Lady asked and it was excepted in heaven. This was later broadcast across europe.

    But then of course that was after Lucia was kidnapped and replaced by her dupe.?

  11. Not says:

    The Holy Father, the Pope, the Chair of Peter, The Bishop of Rome is responsible for every soul on the earth. I would not want that responsibility! Every Pope knows this going in. Also has anyone noticed they call the Earth, the planet? God created the planets. They are dead rocks. God created the Earth and gave it life. (read genesis) I say this because of all the talk of WWIII. This is it my friends. Do the Consecration AS OUR LADY ASKED!

  12. Antonia D says:

    AARGH! Just say, “Russia”! Is there any way to contact the Vatican by email or phone? I looked on the Vatican website and couldn’t find any.

  13. Fr Jackson says:

    “Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine.”
    If you had asked me to write a formula to fulfill Our Lady’s request, I would have written something like this. I don’t see a problem. There’s even respect being paid to the theology of prayer whereby one begins by acknowledging one’s own need of entrustment before moving on to asking for others.
    And it should be clear enough from context that Our Lady at Fatima wasn’t asking for the “consecrated object set apart” type of consecration.

  14. Gaby Carmel says:

    When Our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, she did not by the same token exclude the rest of mankind from the intention, not did she give a formula of consecration, not instruct as to what the various points of the prayer should be. It falls to the authority of the Church to decide those things, and ultimately, we should remember that, however important they are, Fatima’s events still amount to private revelation, and as such, it is the Church that should decide what is appropriate to do. Looking at it this way, it seems to it that the prayer that will be used is not only beautiful, but does comply with Our Lady’s request.

  15. Arturo says:

    “Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine”

    This text clearly consecrates the Church, all humanity and ESPECIALLY Russia and Ukraine.

    Bishop Schneider had an interview published in OnePeterFive -> https://onepeterfive.com/bishop-schneider-pope-francis-consecration-russia-ukraine/

    He is of the view that in Our Lady’ request, we must distinguish the essential elements from the secondary elements. Among other things, he consider as essential “the explicit mention of Russia (the additional mention of another nation close to Russia, or of all nations of the world, will not invalidate the consecration since the essential element of “Russia” is included)”.

  16. JeremyB says:

    Consecrating “especially Russia and Ukraine” would seem to make the intention of the Pope explicit even if not exclusive. Could there be a solid reasoning for including all of humanity? If we consider two other situations, there might be.

    First, the errors of Russia have spread worldwide and are being spread in a particular fashion by the West: namely, atheistic materialism, feminism, destruction of marriage and the family, and immorality. We all live in some fashion in a regime where the errors of Russia have taken hold culturally and politically, even if our societies are not explicitly Communist.

    Second, this war seems to be a proxy war between the West and Russia. There are more players involved than just Russia and Ukraine who need conversion. In addition the prospect of all of humanity being engulfed in a new world war is not negligible.

    The comparison to Moses and the Water of Contradiction may not be apt because the Church and the Pope have the power of the Keys, which Moses did not have. It seems to be the place of the Pope to fulfill the request of Our Lady and add to it, if necessary in the current situation.

  17. Lurker 59 says:

    All squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

    If Our Lady asked for a square and was given a rectangle instead, would this be sufficient?

    The Russian people are part of humanity but not all of humanity are part of the Russian people.

    Same question.

    Also, as long as I am picking nits, did Our Lady ask for the consecration of the Russian people or Russia? No small difference.

    Now, I think that in this (as well as the prior consecration) really is two questions:
    1.) Does this do what was asked? (No.)
    2.) Will it be accepted anyway? (That is up to God, as none of us are the one’s doing the accepting. )

    So I think that this consecration is what it is, I am not going to tell God what he can and cannot accept. It is on those priests that don’t do what He asked. There is no fault in the laity recieving the blessings that come from priests not doing what God wants and God giving the blessings anyway. Though the grousing, mumbling, murmuring, etc. that is going to get a person into trouble.

    If blessings come from this, really, why should there be grumbling?

  18. Not says:

    Why is Latin used in the Catholic Church? The Law, Horticulture, Medical, etc.
    In latin there is no confusion. I said at the time Bill Clinton should have been forced to testify in latin, then we wouldn’t have had”That depends on what is is.”
    How hard is it for the Pope to use the actual text and do what it says?
    We get upset if words of absolution aren’t said exactly, if proper words aren’t said at baptism or even when receiving ashes. Is this not of greater importance?

  19. oledocfarmer says:

    Of course….the German bishops again!

    The German bishops have me perpetually gobsmacked. If one considers the Parade of Horribles (Prostitantism, Materialism, Socialism, Communism, Naziism, Eugenics, Modernism, and of course Wagner!) that Germany ALONE unleashed on the world over the last 500 years…where do these gents get the <> to tell anybody anything?! It’s INSANITY!!!

  20. Gab says:

    Just keep praying and doing penance that Heaven will accept this consecration to our holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart.

  21. hilltop says:

    Why can’t they stay with the original text as promulgated by Sr Lucia? Shirt and sweet.
    And, IF they are to add all the fluff (some of it very nice) might they also add a little phrase or two along the lines of “sorry so late”?
    It all seems as if was drafted at a Roman cafe table…..

  22. happyCatholic says:

    My reaction is similar to yours.

    I’m glad Father Z opened this discussion. I read the prayer earlier today, and it seemed to have masonic undertones to it, and I would be happy for someone to correct that impression for me. For example, twice “fraternity” is mentioned; that sounds like the French Revolution and masonic principles. I can’t remember that particular term (although of course we are family in the body of Christ) being common in Catholic prayers; does anyone else know if it is? I am happy to have my impression corrected.

  23. Fr Jackson says:

    Because the theme of this blog is (was?) “What does the Prayer Say?”, I got to thinking that in order to better contextualize the proposed text of Entrustment of Russia, we could have a look at other prayers of the Church, especially collects, to see what sort of model they give us.

    For example, we can look at some parallels in Collects of “Orationes Diversae” at the end of the Missal. The only two prayers that I can find that don’t in some way ask for self are (1) the “Contra Paganos” where the pagans get “conterantur” by the right hand of God, and (2) the prayer against “Persecutores Et Male Agentes” that asks for their pride and contumacity to be brought low. But that’s not the spirit of the Entrustment of Russia, is it? We’re supposed to be asking for the Conversion of Russia, right? Well, then we need to look at prayers like that. So, maybe like for “Fidei Propagatione” that starts off with a mention of how God wishes for the salvation of all men through the agency of “operarios in messam suam” – which kinda puts the burden on us, right? Or maybe we look at the parallel of “tollendum schisma” wherein the Church prays for God’s grace to be poured out on the whole Christian people. I can’t seem to find an example of the Church pointing her finger at “those bad people over there” and praying for some positive outcome for them without talking about some relationship to the body of the Church. Even when the Church prays for Persecutores Ecclesiae, they aren’t named. The prayer just asks for the delivery of the Church from “adversitatibus et erroribus universis”. So, I’d say here are our two options: (A) ask for the crushing of Russia, not its conversion, or (B) learn to look at Russia as part of the greater whole, i.e. the Church, that we’re praying it will become integrated into. But if it’s the second, then it makes a LOT of sense to talk about how Russia and Ukraine fit into the Church’s universal mission of conversion, hence the mention of “Church and humanity.”

  24. Benedict Joseph says:

    He never fails to disappoint so from the moment of the announcement that there would be a consecration I knew it would end up being theater. No one got to him. He always had the intention to do it his way.
    Of great concern to me initially was the participation of the bishops. On May 29, 1930 Lucia wrote to her confessor that Our Lord told her that the Holy Father was to order [not invite] the episcopate to participate in the consecration. This facet of the instruction has never been done.
    The absence of an enthusiastic response to the invitation from the Holy Father for this consecration is a scandal rendered by the bishops to the faithful. It is indicative of the problem holding sway in the Church and in the world. Such a simple request, such an grossly inadequate response — and from the episcopate, no less. It is heartbreaking in Heaven and on earth.

  25. Kathleen10 says:

    She gave us one job…
    Sorry, but no, adding fifty million extraneous words doesn’t replace about 100 relevant ones. I have a feeling the consecration is going to be split right along the same lines we are seeing on many topics. Hey, I’d love a whiff of that happy gas, I am so ready, but, when I got about two paragraphs in it buried the needle on my Blab-O-Meter. When I read “humanity” I was out. I’m surprised there’s nothing about air conditioners in it…wait…is there? By the time he gets done reading it the soldiers will be collecting pensions.

    Our Lady asked for Russia to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart.
    She said it was for reparation of sins committed by a particular nation, Russia.
    She did not mention Ukraine.
    She asked for the First Five Saturdays devotion. Was that mentioned?
    She asked for conversion of sinners. I don’t know, was sin even mentioned in this document, even including sins of cooling and heating?
    He’s had what, 9 years to do this if it was something he felt needed doing. He isn’t doing it because Our Lady asked and he wanted to do it, he’s doing it because the Ukrainian bishops asked for it. Doesn’t motive count for anything?
    I’ll pray the rosary this Friday at 12:00, and ask Our Lady to use it for whatever purpose she has in mind.
    La Femme has a great take on all this, well worth reading, although the Romanov story was a little tough to take. God in heaven, those poor people. The evil in this world is a horror.

  26. rwj says:

    It is a true and beautiful consecration prayer. Not sure the “say the black and do the red” mindset should apply to Sr. Lucia’s recollection of our Lady’s request.

  27. WVC says:

    Let’s say, hypothetically, that one had a son who stole the car, went off to do numerous illegal substances, was promiscuous in the worst sorts of ways, paid or even coerced women to abort his children, became a massive thief taking money especially from those who were poor, and then, towards the end, due to his own reckless and selfish behavior, instigated a massive brawl that threatened to turn into a riot that might engulf one’s whole home town.

    And then he comes to you, earnestly, and says, “I’m so sorry I started a fight. And I probably did some other bad things, maybe, but can’t you help me get along with everyone now and get through this? Don’t you want us to all live in pace?”

    Honestly, who do we think we’re fooling? There’s no mention to the Blessed Virgin about the millions upon millions of unborn babies we’ve slaughtered over the past several decades. No mention of the unthinkable and beyond ludicrous sexual perversity that we’ve not only accepted in adults but now vehemently force upon children. No mention of the development of biological agents, like COVID-19, that have wreaked global pandemonium and utterly ruined countless lives. No mention of the billions upon billions of blasphemies we’ve publicly uttered, in liturgy, in church, in song, on television, in art museums, and just about everywhere for the past 100 years since Fatima. We’ve built a whole godless world where greed and self-satisfaction are the cornerstones, and we go to the Blessed Mother to ask for her help to keep it from collapsing on its own weight? Just, as happyCatholic observes, offer up lots of appeals to “fraternity” and “please bail us out of this war mess that just showed up.” We’re not sorry so much for our sins or for turning our backs on God but we ARE sorry for “disregarding the commitments we made as a community of nations” and “betraying peoples’ dreams of peace and the hopes of the young.”

    The only sin that seems to exist is the sin of war. That’s it. Do not free us from lust. Do not free us from murder. Do not free us from materialism. Do not bother having mercy upon us for using the holiest of holy names as the most common “G-rated” swear word. No, just free us from war and revenge and hatred and nuclear weapons (who was using nuclear weapons recently? Did I miss a news story somewhere?) and other stuff that might make us possibly suffer.

    It doesn’t come across as sincere to me. Certainly not a desire to actually turn our back on the very gross sins that have lead society into this hell of self-centered insanity. Do we think the Blessed Mother will be fooled? Does anyone think the primary message of Fatima was for an end to war so that we could have global peace?

    And, furthermore, who writes this dreck? Amid the thunder of weapons? Flee from the rain of bombs? The gentle rhythm of peace? Is this a high school poetry class?

    This is the sad spectacle of someone, I don’t know who specifically, without any actual grasp of the very foundation of the Catholic faith attempting to write what they believe is a “moving” and “sincere” prayer. This would be as embarrassing as watching someone like President Biden give a speech on Constitutional Law.

    Sorry I’m so ornery, but this is just nonsense and I feel compelled to call a spade a spade.

  28. monstrance says:

    We can nitpick the prayer all day long, but it is a miracle that this this Pope will be consecrating Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary in Union with the Bishops on the 25th.
    As far as I can tell, no other Pope has come this close to doing it right.
    Francis often talks about the “God of Surprises”.
    This time he might be right.

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  30. matt from az says:

    When I hear a quasi-religious appeal to “humanity” I immediately think of Julian Felsenburg in Lord of the World.
    This is not a complement.

  31. anthtan says:

    In 1984, Pope St. John Paul II used these words: “In a special way we entrust and consecrate to you those individuals and nations that particularly need to be thus entrusted and consecrated.” No explicit mention of Russia even. Yet, Sr Lucia wrote that the consecration had been accepted.
    Well, isn’t this 2022 prayer even closer to what Our Lady has requested?
    As for those who say that Our Lady did not ask for the consecration of Ukraine. Well, at that time, Ukraine was a part of Russia. So, I don’t think it hurts to include it. And I certainly don’t think it hurts to include all of humanity.
    I think this prayer has all the bases covered, and then some.

  32. Ellen says:

    Our bishop is joining in the consecration and it will be live streamed. He has asked us to join in and I plan on doing so and will join in the rosary that will be recited afterward.

  33. yeager says:

    Sister Lucy says the third secret is found in Revelation 8-14 . Chapter 12 speaks of a third of the stars – a reference to bishops. What is needed are all the bishops cooperation for consecration, yet my guess is a large portion pay no attention to Fatima and/or abhor Mary’s role in all this. This consecration will not happen precisely for this reason. John xxiii dismissal of the secret revelation in ’60… why? His council. What have all conciliar popes defended: his council. Mary’s role was diminished if not abolished and communism was not referred to at the council. Any wonder the consecration has yet to take place? Russia will never be singled out along with the cooperation of all bishops until the third secret is revealed. All having to do with a man centered council which all popes keep defending.

    Malachi Martin said all the churches and confessional lines would be huge if they knew what the secret contained. If the pope reveals the secret only then will the consecration take place.

  34. BUT WAIT… there’s more.

    Did you notice that care of the Earth is included in the consecration? It isn’t heavy-handed, but it is there.

    Also, this following comes from Ann Barnhardt, who does not even in the slightest believe that Francis is the real Pope nor that this consecration is other than something masonic … or worse. What’s worse? Here:

    Now, an interesting tidbit that I was alerted to by a Spanish-speaking reader. In the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese versions of the faux-consecration text released by the Antichurch, the title “Queen of Heaven” (intact in the English version), is perverted to Queen of “tierra del Cielo” in Spanish, “terra du Céu” in Portuguese, and “terra del Cielo” in Italian. Never before have these languages used this bizarre form with the word “tierra/terra” when referring to Mary as Queen of Heaven.

    What “Regina della terra del Cielo” literally means is “Queen of the land in the sky”… AND GUESS WHO GOES BY THAT TITLE??? Yup. The Pachamama demon. The “land in the sky” is one of the Pachademon’s “domains”, and “Reina del tierra del cielo” is a Pachamama title. It is “wenu mapu” in the Mapuche language and religion.

    Agree or disagree with Ann about Francis, THAT is pretty disturbing.

    I’ve never heard Mary referred to as Queen “of the Land of Heaven”.

    This Pachamama demon thing never seems to go away.

    And… I’d like to know… where is that damned black bowl NOW?

  35. M.D. says:

    The consecration lead by the Holy Father, along with the Bishops, religious and laity universally is one of the clearest expressions of petition and faith since Lepanto.

    It is a just action that consecration begins with us. The recognition the communion of sinners contributes to evil in the world – and frankly, empowers Satan. Who has been discernably growing more influential over the decades. The true enemy of mankind (Eph 6:12-20). And the stench of Satan permeates most clearly from the torn bodies, rubble and ruins of war.

    I agree with Cardinal Burke who has stated (on numerous occasions) the heart of the message of Fátima is conversion, penance and acts of reparation which is needed to address “apostasy, and the abandonment of Christ in his holy Church.”
    We see this today in so many places, from the large numbers of “practical atheists”, to Bishops pushing poisonous sociological ideologies all the way to schismatic language of abandoning the Church for a supposed third Rome. A turning away from Truth.

    May the Lord continue to grant the Blessed Virgin special intercession to help illuminate our consciences to the times we live and direct us to Jesus Christ to save souls from the fires of hell.

  36. rodrigow says:

    Not only in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, but at least in Polish and German as well. I can’t reliably verify the others. It seems that only English was singled out with the correct title of Queen of Heaven.

    And, in the Libretto, after the consecration, we see, in red: “Il Santo Padre offre un ommagio floreale alla Beata Vergine Maria”. Hmm…

  37. RosaryRose says:

    Fr Z your comment is frightening. If it is true, the event on Friday will be a mockery of what Our Lady asked. We must be sure we do what she asks of US: daily rosary, Five First Saturday devotion, brown scapular. She asked us to pray for the souls in purgatory. And “penance” was a big theme in the message of Fatima.

    When we see the vision come true, we will know the consecration did not happen. The children saw:
    ”a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’.
    “Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.”

    Praying someone will remind PF of this. Before Friday.

  38. Gab says:

    I wonder why, amid all Our Lady’s titles, he doesn’t mention Our Lady of Fatima?

  39. Arturo says:

    Even if we accept what Ann Barnhardt (which I think she is wrong, totally), all her arguments would be debunked by the fact that Pope Emeritus is confirmed to join in the consecration and the fact that the Pope Emeritus never raised any objections to the title Queen of “terra del Cielo”.

    I am saddened by the seeming hatred by some people towards Pope Francis. I once was in that category. Realized that it is wrong to feel that way to our pope I brought it to confession. In about 2 – 3 confessions, all the animosity I had towards Pope Francis was gone and although I still hear some of his off the cuff remarks that normally would upset me, I just recognize that he said it but somehow I got the sense of security that God is control. I believe that sense of security is the grace I received from the sacrament of confession.

    I fear that people are allowing their emotions towards Pope Francis to color the way they view his actions. I think it is wise to assess every action objectively, independent of one’s emotional bias. In this case, while I wish the prayer could be more eloquent and lofty, I do not see anything wrong in the prayer. In fact the petitions contained there are very good. And contrary to what other people think, the prayer does in fact consecrate Russia.

  40. defenderofTruth says:

    Fr. Z, I am glad you mentioned Ann’s comment about the pachademon. I had a sinking feeling, when it was announced, that this while thing was a ploy to trick the faithful. When things get bad, and everyone says “the consecration happened”, what will people do?

  41. ppb says:

    It is sad to see so many trads shooting themselves in the foot with bitterness and nitpicking. We should be fully supporting Pope Francis on this. We’re heading closer to World War III every day, and at last a Pope is willing to explicitly consecrate Russia and ask all the world’s bishops to do it with him. Looks like the right time to me. Let’s join the Holy Father and bishops in earnest prayer on Friday!

    [It is sad to see so many people put their hands over their ears and start humming so they don’t have to deal with manifestly troubling points.]

  42. supercooper says:


    It is clear to me that you do not understand Ann’s arguments. The participation of Pope Benedict in this act has no bearing on her position about the (non) validity of his resignation.

    Have you watched her videos on the topic?

  43. WVC says:

    For the record, I’m assuming Pope Francis did not write this prayer (which I indicated in my comment). My personal opinion of Pope Francis has nothing to do with my frank assessment of the actual words of the Consecration. If one has a problem with what I commented, please address what I commented and leave off the ad hominem (those “traditionalists” are just so mean) type of comments.

    Also, if one is concerned about WWIII, then perhaps one should petition their representative in the US Government to stop trying to stampede the world into WWIII.

  44. supercooper says:


    I think I may have misunderstood you. Are you saying that given Ann’s thesis, Pope Benedict’s participation would make up for Francis not actually being pope? If so, my apologies for misreading you earlier.

  45. Fr. Kelly says:

    re: “Terra del cielo”

    A quick search online brings up a number of references to organic farms in California, Social cooperatives in Italy, Tourist sites in Africa, and yes, even you tube videos of recordings of a Serbian Hymn to Our Lady using that title.

    The use of it here seems out of place and even a bit provocative, but I did not find a direct reference to the Demon “goddess” previously enthroned there. That being said, the fact that I did not find such a reference does not mean it is not there. I fear deeply that we have not seen the last of her…

    [In addition, a friend of mine wrote: “I believe – but will have to look it up that “land of the sky” is a title from a Byzantine hymn for the the Nativity of Mary. So maybe – maybe – there was no nefarious intent in the use of the words. But it is a word salad, and why in the heck can’t they just write “I, Francis, by the power of the Apostles Peter and Paul and in Union with all the successors of the Apostles in the world consecrate Russia to you as you requested. I, Francis, by the same power consecrate Ukraine to you and beseech you to hear our prayers for peace, and for the conversion of the world and the triumph of your Immaculate Heart. Amen””]

  46. Ave Maria says:

    Not one seemingly to miss an opportunity to confuse and cause controversy is this Bishop of Rome! Consecrating humanity eh? Didn’t Pope Pius XII do about that same thing in about 1942? And didn’t Pope John Paul II entrust the world in 1984? So where is that Era of Peace? Well, at least this time Russia looks to get an honorable mention.

    [It’s a good point: Russia is explicitly mentioned.]

  47. Jared B says:

    “…but not in any way separated from the way the Church and all humanity are consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate Heart.”

    I don’t see why any special “separation” is necessary, to be following O.L. Fatima’s instructions. That’s just inventing hurdles where none are present in the spirit or letter of the apparition.

    Bp. Schneider’s distinction between essential and secondary elements of the request is very useful here

    I think a plain reading of the words of the consecration, as written, constitutes a complete and total fulfillment of Our Lady’s request — more clearly so than any of the half a dozen or more partial fulfillment over the last 80 years!

  48. BeautifulSavior says:

    I’m sooooo confused. I’ve looked at the English and Spanish texts and they are different. We will be saying something different depending on the language we use. Can someone shed some light on this?
    I also did a search in English, and then did a search in Spanish and brought me to the religion of the Incas in South America. My search was word specific “tierra del cielo pacha mama”. I didn’t like what I found out.

  49. anthonybrankin says:

    Can anyone explain why Mary is given the title is “Queen of Heaven” in the English translation of this particular Act of Consecration while every other language uses some version of “Land of heaven” ? Who ever heard of Mary being called “Land of heaven”? and who would think it is a translation for “Queen of HEaven”? What did the composers of the Consecration prayer mean by that phrase?

  50. BeautifulSavior says:

    This is the Spanish text, if you notice tierra del cielo is between quotation marks. Why is this?

    Acoge, oh Madre, nuestra súplica.

    Tú, estrella del mar, no nos dejes naufragar en la tormenta de la guerra.

    Tú, arca de la nueva alianza, inspira proyectos y caminos de reconciliación.

    Tú, “tierra del Cielo”, vuelve a traer la armonía de Dios al mundo.

    Extingue el odio, aplaca la venganza, enséñanos a perdonar.

    Líbranos de la guerra, preserva al mundo de la amenaza nuclear.

    Reina del Rosario, despierta en nosotros la necesidad de orar y de amar.

    Reina de la familia humana, muestra a los pueblos la senda de la fraternidad.

    Reina de la paz, obtén para el mundo la paz.

  51. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Fr. Kelly,

    Could you tell us the titles under which those “videos of recordings of a Serbian Hymn to Our Lady using that title” are uploaded and on which YouTube channels so we can see and hear for ourselves?

    I’ve done a quick check on the Vatican website texts of the 25 languages not yet mentioned here, and Swedish is the only other one where the title translates “Queen of Heaven”. There is no Serbian translation (so designated) but when I search YouTube with the title from the Croatian version, “Zemljo Nebeska” (‘Earth of Heaven’), I get no obvious hymn results (whatever that may mean ‘algorithmically’).

    In any case, it seems odd that two distinct titles (if the one which is not “Queen of Heaven” be indeed a Marian title) should be used interchangeably in the different versions of of text – and the one which does not mean ‘Queen of Heaven’ almost always placed in quotation marks as if to designate it is something unusual or novel.

    (When I simply searched online with the Russian version of the purported Marian title, the first result I got was the Russian version of the Wikipedia article which is entitled “Skyland” in English – about “a CGI animated series developed in France in partnership with Canada and Luxembourg for television channels France 2 in France, Teletoon in Canada, Nicktoons in the United States, ABC in Australia and CITV in the United Kingdom” – !)

  52. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Experimenting a bit, if I search for the Croatian for ‘Queen of Heaven’, the first result I get on YouTube (after three presumably Protestant videos evidently attacking the use of the title) is “Kraljice neba raduj se (Regina caeli, laetare)” on the channel “PapalMusic” with a description including that the recording was made at “Holy Mass on the occasion of the National Day of Croatian Catholic Families Zagreb Hippodrome, 5 June 2011”. One wonders if a search were made for the translation of ‘Queen of Heaven’ in the 29 languages (at my last count) which have instead The Other Term, one would find a similar result – that ‘Queen of Heaven’ was the obvious ‘inculturated’ Marian title of choice in each of those languages.

  53. Veredictum says:

    Aren’t there other prophecies – not as well studied as Fatima – but by Blessed and Stigmatist, that war will be all of Europe, and the flag of the enemy fly over Rome. I suppose it is conditional “…if Mankind does not repent…”. But that there is such a vision, may be this consecration will also not be accepted (again, because of the fudging around of all the words). What the Pope should do, is opening paragraph, just quote verbatim what the Blessed Mother asked for – consecrate Russia, and Russia alone. It is clearly the aggressor now, so no need for tap-dancing. Then, all the other fluffy words – probably extraneous – can be added later.

    But if he doesn’t follow the heavenly advice, then perhaps the war will drag on, until another (BETTER, REAL) Pope does it properly. Tragic as it is, war focusses and prioritises – no one being bombed is going to be waving flags shouting about their “preferred pronouns”.

  54. Imrahil says:

    Of course the prayer contains a whole lot of words, imprecision, and a hitherto unheard-of Marian title that sounds like a somewhat fairytale-ish version of an known one. Of course they couldn’t stick to “Russia and the Ukraine” (as for the “and the Ukraine” part, I don’t only take it with a sigh but positively think they should have included it), but, had to include the whole world (double-sigh for them not saying “Russia and the Ukraine, and also of course all the world” but “all the world, especially Russia and the Ukraine”).

    Of course. Seriously: It comes from the present Holy Father. What would anyone of sound mind and street-sense have expected?

    It’s enough of a miracle to begin with that the Holy Father actually does consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, saying “Russia” (and yes, a consecration of “the whole world and especially Russia” is, by the logic of language, a consecration of Russia) and “Immaculate Heart” and acknowledging the Fatima connection no less.

    And never was it assumed that mentioning of the First Saturdays or the Brown Scapular or any such thing would be part of Russia’s consecration.

    (As for Ann Barnhardt: I seriously consider her as an example of “That what the somewhat overused old Index was there for”: actual intelligence used for dangerous ends.)

  55. supercooper says:

    Concerning the title, “Earth of Heaven” I found one reference to this as a Marian title which appears to predate the pachamama nonsense. It’s from Bose though…


    [VERY HELPFUL. Bose is… weird, but that is good information.]

  56. supercooper says:

    The Way Back Machine has a picture of that Bose link with the title “Earth of Heaven” for Mary as far back as 2015.

  57. Cheesesteak Expert says:

    This whole business of saying just right the incantations and words seems overdone, almost as if it’s magic. It’s not like this is anything liturgical. Very weird in this way.

    [“incantations”?!? You had better still to cheesesteak… though I now suspect your credentials in that department, too, after that.]

  58. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Visiting again, I find the Vatican translators are beavering away and have brought the total up to 35 languages, but the only new one which seems to have something other than a version of The Other Term is Tigre – at least, Tigrinyatranslate.com renders the text into English as “O heaven, bring us down to the earth the reconciliation of God.”

    I see Yves de Lassus of Fatima100 writes, “The Holy See has not formally imposed the use of the prayer attached to the cover letter, and only that one without any addition or omission. The request is formulated as follows: ‘I am sending you the text of the prayer of consecration, so that we can all recite it throughout this day, in fraternal union.’ So, there is nothing to prevent us from modifying it, or even pronouncing a different one. The essential thing is to say a prayer in union with the Pope and the bishops of the whole world.”

    That, if accurate, would relieve the conscious of anyone in the 33 languages which do not seem to have ‘Queen of Heaven’ – and who does not want to repeat the variously inaccurate and misleading language of the second paragraph with its 18 or so assertions of things “we” are purported to have done.

    Remembering C.S. Lewis’s novel, The Last Battle, where manipulative folk have produced ‘Tashlan’, I wonder (under correction) what can be said about the intention of the Act in (apparently) at least the 33 languages with something other than the title ‘Queen of Heaven’ – were there to be an intention on the part of someone in the Vatican to produce a sort of ‘Pachamaria’ in connection with the versions with variants of The Other Term, what could be said about the validity and the character of the Act?

  59. Arturo says:


    Ann basically declared by her own authority that Pope Francis is not the pope and that by her own authority she declared that the consecration of Russia by Pope Francis is a farce. OK. So even if I accept her erroneous opinion that the consecration is a farce, the fact that Pope Emeritus Benedict will join in the consecration basically debunks her assertion that the consecration is farcical. After the Pope Benedict will join the consecration, right?

    And instead of people nitpicking about the text of the consecration or finding loopholes on why the consecration is invalid, why not offer a rosary with the intention that the consecration be successful and that God will be pleased with it. Better still, why not go to your parish church and offer mass with that intention?

    It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

  60. Cincture says:

    Where will P. Franics be when this goes down? I heard in his residence.

  61. Vincent says:

    The “earth of heaven” reference comes up in a Cardinal Ravasi penned reflection in 2005 as well.


    Make of that what you will.

    Personally I’m more than dubious about the Barnhardt claim. I didn’t really find anything claiming it was a title of the Amazonian ‘thing’ over the course of a few hours of different google searches yesterday. On the other hand I didn’t find anything definitively linking it to a Serbian Marian hymn either – although I was searching through things related to the Dormition, not Our Lady’s Nativity.

  62. Arturo says:

    By the way, for those who are nitpicking the text of consecration by Pope Francis, Bishop Schneider believes that the consecration to be done by Pope Francis more closely express the requests of our Lady of Fatima compared to the one done by Pope John Paul II and the one by Pope Pius XII.


    “In comparison with the wording of the two previous acts of consecration, made by Pope Pius XII (in 1952) and by Pope John Paul II (in 1984), the words and form of the consecration that will be used by Pope Francis on March 25 more clearly express the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. Pope Francis has even added the word “solemnly” to “consecrate,” an expression lacking in the formulas of 1952 and 1984…”

  63. BeautifulSavior says:

    For some reason this afternoon I realized that all this commotion is keeping me from the basic truth. Tomorrow we remember Mary’s fiat! And “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us”.
    It is not about what I will be saying, but about what she said. I think that all of this is a great distraction at least for me. I think I will be contemplating this miraculous event tomorrow. I will pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary and offer them for the intentions of Our Lady of Fatima.
    It is also the third Friday in Lent so there are other things I have to do.
    My consolation is her words: “in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph”.
    Pray for us o holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen.

  64. KateD says:

    Pope Francis,

    Just do what Our Lady of Fatima instructed you to do.

    Along with all your bishops, Consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

    That’s it. That all. No more. No less.

    Why is this so hard?

    I think it’s pride that drives Popes to make it more than it needs to be.

    Consecrate the world, all humanity, whatever you want at another time.

    Tomorrow, consecrate Russia. The Ukraine need not be consecrated, they are the victim. Russia is the problem.

  65. Cheesesteak Expert says:

    C’mon Father, no cheesesteaks during Lent anyway, but doesn’t this sort of nit-picking rival that of Martin Luther???? I mean worrying about a formula as quoted below – this doesn’t bother you??
    “In comparison with the wording of the two previous acts of consecration, made by Pope Pius XII (in 1952) and by Pope John Paul II (in 1984), the words and form of the consecration that will be used by Pope Francis on March 25 more clearly express the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. Pope Francis has even added the word “solemnly” to “consecrate,” an expression lacking in the formulas of 1952 and 1984…”

    [>>I mean worrying about a formula as quoted below – this doesn’t bother you??<< Formulas matter. They express the intention. Imagine yourself in a confessional and the priest says, "Thanks for sharing, be at peace because God loves you and forgives you", instead of the form of absolution. So the words of this consecration are better than those used before. Is there some good prevailing reason why there can't be absolute clarity of intention in either the explanations provided or the form itself? Also, I did in the post above muse about whether or not the intention was NOT to associate this with the request of Our Lady of Fatima.]

  66. bookworm says:

    Our local bishop led a prayer service at the cathdral this morning, which included Expostion of the Blessed Sacrament, reciting the prayer of consecration and praying the rosary (Joyful Mysteries). I went and I’m glad I did. I saw nothing objectionable or remotely pagan in the prayer. There was a good crowd in attendance. If this consecration doesn’t count, I don’t know what would. I understand the importance of “lex orandi, lex credendi” when it comes to liturgy, but Our Lady did not hand the Fatima children a script for the consecration… it does neither her or her Son, IMHO, any honor to turn it into a cosmic game of Simon Says in which you lose if you get one word wrong. I see only good coming from this action.

  67. momandwife24 says:

    The Vatican has explained what the “Earth of Heaven” phrase means.

    “The expression ‘Earth of Heaven’ is taken from a Byzantine-Slavic monastic hymn, and it poetically signifies the union of heaven and earth that we can contemplate in Mary assumed bodily into Heaven,” Tornielli said.”

  68. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    It is interesting to see how Andrea Tornielli, of the “Editorial Directorate” (so the Vatican website lists him among “Superiors of the Dicastery for Communication”), in his Editorial (dated “23 March 2022, 14:00” when I looked at it just now), gives varying degrees of what might be called ‘reader-friendly’ detail – links to English translations of “Salve Regina” and “Sub tuum presidium”, a detailed reference to “a quotation from St. Bernard’s prayer, ‘Virgin Mother, Daughter of your Son,’ found in the last canticle (XXXIII) of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy”, the suggestion that “We find in” certain “words a veiled allusion to the beginning of the ‘Treatise on True Devotion’ of Saint Louis de Montfort”, the statement that a certain image “is present in Christian iconography from the mosaic of the triumphal arch of St. Mary Major” on, to take six examples one can fairly easily check for oneself.

    His quotation from St. John Damascene, which he describes as “the first prayer of consecration to Our Lady”, is, one might say, a bit more tantalizing in its lack of any reference to its source. Nonetheless, a bit of searching online for likely sermons (something the word “today” suggests) soon finds “Sermon I” on the Dormition/Assumption, e.g., as translated by Mary H. Allies (London: Thomas Baker, 1898) and scanned and posted in the Fordham University “Medieval Sourcebook”, though translated differently and concluding with a main clause he omits: “We, too, approach thee to-day, O Queen; and again, I say, O Queen, O Virgin Mother of God, staying our souls with our trust in thee, as with a strong anchor. Lifting up mind, soul and body, and all ourselves to thee, rejoicing in psalms and hymns and spiritual canticles, we reach through thee One who is beyond our reach on account of His Majesty.”

    But, in distinct contrast to all that, ” The expression ‘Earth of Heaven’ is taken from a Byzantine-Slavic monastic hymn, and it poetically signifies the union of heaven and earth that we can contemplate in Mary assumed bodily into Heaven.” Which “Byzantine-Slavic monastic hymn” is that, and where might we find its text, a full translation, and so on? No slightest hint does Andrea Tornielli provide us in this instance. Sadly, the opposite of helpful or reader-friendly.

  69. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    In an article posted on 28 March, Michael Haynes has directed our attention to a couple interesting Vatican News interviews posted on 25 March. Giancarlo La Vella’s interview with Father Kirill Gorbunov, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of the Mother of God of Moscow (posted at 1:20 p.m. that afternoon) ends with Father Kirill saying, “But we believe many believers will understand that this Act on the part of the Catholic Church is not to say that we doubt the authenticity of faith of other Christians and other believers in our homeland. […] I hope that they will understand.”

    Fabio Colagrande and Benedetta Capelli in an interview with Father Stefano Cecchin, OFM, President of the International Pontifical Marian Academy (posted at 2:11 p.m.) quote him saying, in answer to the question, “Pope Francis has invited the bishops of the world and their priests to join him in this Act of Consecration and entrustment. Why?”,”It seems to me that this choice is linked to the concept of synodality that Pope Francis continues to reiterate. The Pope represents the Church, the sense of unity, but unity with the Church and in the Church, which is – as he calls it – our common home. So we are not saved alone, as Pope Francis reminded us in Fratelli Tutti and always together we must ask God for the salvation of the world. […] Pope Francis emphasises that the journey of saving the world we must make together, not alone. This is why at this time the whole Church must be united, as in a great Synod, a great Council, in which God is asked to intervene.” It ends by quoting him saying, “The apparitions of Fatima should be seen in the context of the path taken by Portugal. […] So, it is not just a question of entrusting Russia and Ukraine to Mary’s heart, but everything that is injustice, that is against the right of the human person, that is mafia behaviour. All these realities we want to transform together through Mary to make a better world.”

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