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ASK FATHER: Does Communion in the state of sin fulfill the “Easter Duty”?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Since Sleepy Joe is likely committing sacrilege when the libs allow him to receive Communion, does his sacrilege count for Easter duty? Or would he have to go to Confession and receive again for the Easter … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 446, etc.

Daily Mass Fervorino.  HERE WORDLE My stuff on Soundcloud. HERE

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LENTCAzT 2022 – 17: Friday 2nd Week of Lent – Privation

Daily 5 minute podcast to encourage you in your Lenten discipline. Collect Church: Sant’Agatha Station: San Vitale Today: About privation and the pursuit of holiness by Card. Bacci. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf · LENTCAzT 2022 – 17: Friday 2nd Week of … Read More

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