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Yesterday was a day off in the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis.  They coagulate again today and I am sure that enhanced “security” will still be applied.   Magnus still has not clarified what he did or why.

Meanwhile, 50 years ago…. no this doesn’t have anything to do with the Fischer-Spassky Match.  It is a fascinating puzzle which appeared 50 years ago.  I found it in an issue of the Marshall [Club in NYC] Spectator.

White to move and mate in 3.  However, it can be done several ways, including by castling.* Mate by castling.  Very cool.  But this is far cooler than you might imagine.  Remember, this was 50 years ago.  Since then FIDE laws of Chess have changed somewhat, and it may be that positions such as this are a reason why.  I’ll get you started.


*At the time this puzzle was published, the official definition of castling – which is a king move – was that if neither the king nor the rook has moved, and the king is neither in check nor would be passing over a guarded square, then the rook can move to the square adjacent to the king and the king can “hop” over the rook.

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  1. Falconchetto says:

    1. e7, gxf3
    2. e8=Q+, Kd3
    3. O-O-O#

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