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“¡Hagan lío!” in Arlington

This is what devout resistance looks like. When the bishop thrown you out of your church, go to the gym. I rarely look at Fakebook, but this rare time it was worth it. The Bishop of Arlington tossed the folks … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 561, etc.

To the kind reader who sent the tomatoes from my wishlist… Thanks!  I would send a note, but the box was coming apart and one of the slips, the one with the “thank you note link” was missing.  I hate … Read More

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Another DIY project: Kindle

Many thanks go out to kind readers who sent replacement batteries for my old Kindles.  I try to keep these going, especially because they still work, but also because they have built in text to speech ability. This project is not … Read More

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Bp. Barron did a video recap about his interview with Shia LaBeouf and ignored the huge gorilla in the room

Yesterday evening I browsed through a few videos on Youtube.  YT proposed, sua sponte of course, a video with Bp. Robert Barron, himself being interviewed, in a “recap” about his own highly viewed interviews with Lex Fridman (of which I … Read More

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