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The effect of lay participation on the souls of priests

I was requested by a reader to repost something I wrote back in the relatively happier times of 2017. Upon re-reading it, I think it stands still, adjustments having been made for the cruelty of Traditionis custodes. Published on: Jun 4, … Read More

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17 Sept 2022 – Washington DC – Pilgrimage for the Restoration of the Traditional Latin Mass for all Catholics

In Washington DC, on Saturday, 17 September 2022, the faithful will mark the 15th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, the motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI, which went into effect on 14 September 2007, liberating the Traditional Latin Mass for all … Read More

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1960: What the year 2000 will be like.

Legendary left-wing radical Walter Cronkite – redeemed a little by being a ham radio operator – gave us this in 1960. I couldn’t not post it: 1960 on what the year 2000 would be like pic.twitter.com/HaM72kYqCx — Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) … Read More

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WDTPRS – 15th Sunday after Pentecost: We will come home to a safe landfall!

This Sunday’s Collect for Holy Mass in the Traditional Roman Rite survived the long knives of the Consilium to live on the in the Novus Ordo editions of the Missale Romanum on Monday of the 3rd Week of Lent.  Figure that … Read More

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A canceled priest speaks. ACTION ITEM!

The ramifications for a priest of being canceled are manifold.  Depending on their past (whether they are late vocations and have a pension) or their families (perhaps well-to-do), life can be really complicated. “Canceled” usually means not just emotional turmoil … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 564, etc.

I had some bad news today.  I had a service come to check my house’s AC system.  It is original to the house and it is on its last legs.  I paid for some immediate attention to keep it going, … Read More