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Daily Rome Shot 550, etc.

There’s a shop on the Piazza Navona where there are many chess sets for sale.  Note also special decks of cards for Italian games like scopa and briscola.  There are decks from different regions for their games, Brescia, Naples, Lombardy, Piacenza, Sardinia… Salzburg. Click … Read More

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SEPTEMBER: Month dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

September is traditionally associated with the Seven Sorrows devotion. Back in 2019, because the Church is pretty obviously hurtling into chaos from the top down, I determined to write reflections on the Seven Sorrows of Mary.  I started writing these … Read More

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The agony of their “ecstasy”

You will want to watch this before it is expunged from on orders from high atop the thing.  Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue on 31 August 2022.  He goes over the many ways in which the left, fully in charge, is … Read More

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