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Pope Francis’ General Audience focused on women. Feminists aren’t going to be happy.

The text of Pope Francis’ general audience: Feminists and proponents of women’s ordination aren’t gonna be happy. My emphases and comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today we turn to the Catechism of the Year of Faith. [Well!  He mentioned it … Read More

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QUAERITUR: The “Churching” of Women after childbirth

From a reader: Can the Churching ritual be performed directly after the baptism, or should it be done on a different day? I ask this for clarity, as this will be the priest’s first time performing a baptism in the … Read More

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Baby pronounced dead at birth starts to breathe

Doctors pronounced this baby dead, but after 2 hours of the mother holding him in her arms, he started breathing again. Watch. [wp_youtube]hMAzOjExKMw[/wp_youtube]

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QUAERITUR: advice to a new Catholic mother?

From a new mother: What advice is there for a new mother? I have no examples in my life, I became Catholic on my own. But since I’ve had my baby, all of my previous devotions I had adapted into … Read More

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