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BOOK: The Next Pope: The Leading Cardinal Candidates by Edward Pentin

I’m having a look right now at two books which speculate about the next Pope.  One is by George Weigel.  HERE  I’ll get to him. First, there is an offering by the best working vaticanista today, Edward Pentin. This is … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can a Pope name his own successor?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: If a Pope wanted to ensure that the next holder of his office would be of like mind and continue his policies, is there any moral or theological impediment to his naming his own successor before his death? Interesting … Read More

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BELATED: 3rd Anniversary of Election of Pope Francis

One of you readers – only one – seemed perplexed that I mentioned the 3rd anniversary of Pope Benedict announcing his resignation and the 3rd anniversary of the actual abdication of the papacy, but I didn’t write about the 3rd … Read More

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A saint on the wretched condition of the Church while waiting for a new Pope to be elected.

I have not written much about whom I believe the new Pope ought to be, nor about whom I think the next Pope will be.  Yes, I have thought through both.  I am prepared to talk about them both in … Read More

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6 years ago… where were you?

Six years ago today, Joseph Card. Ratzinger was elected as Bishop of Rome and he took the name Benedict, sixteenth of that name. Where were you? What were your thoughts at the time? I was in Rome on an uncomfortable … Read More

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