BELATED: 3rd Anniversary of Election of Pope Francis

One of you readers – only one – seemed perplexed that I mentioned the 3rd anniversary of Pope Benedict announcing his resignation and the 3rd anniversary of the actual abdication of the papacy, but I didn’t write about the 3rd anniversary of the election of Pope Francis!

Apart from the fact that, yesterday – being Sunday – was a work day for me and that, after the morning duties, I had flights to catch and airports to ‘enjoy’ and that I was posting from my phone… I just didn’t get to it.

Frankly, the news of the abdication of a Pope is of far more importance in the history of the Church than the election of a Pope.

Popes are elected all the time. It rare indeed that a Pope resigns. The closing of the pontificate (parenthesis) of Benedict merits special attention in my book. Pray for Benedict.

So, just to assuage the sensibilities of those concerned about the 3rd anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, here’s a screenshot from the FNC Latino coverage I saw.

I think Francis would have been amused.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 13.32.27

Happy anniversary, Pope Francis.  You have the prayers of many.

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  1. I remember the excitement I shared by phone with one of my sons in the military, for whom this was his first conclave. The white smoke!

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    Let me guess, merciful foot massages are the even-newer version of the Holy Thursday rite? I just can’t keep up with all this aggiornamento.

  3. pseudomodo says:

    I for one would like a Massage of Mercy.
    I hear that can be sooooooooo…… r e l a x i n g….
    Is it covered under Obamacare if it is injury or stress related?

  4. Bosco says:

    @ St. Corbinian’s Bear,

    And that smoke has been swirling away for over three years now. I’m starting to feel like a dry-cured ham.

    That FOX News Latino screen shot for a ‘massage of mercy’ looks like something the PA State Police Vice Squad would shut-down in a hurry.

  5. Benedict Joseph says:

    White smoke and mirrors.

  6. Random Friar says:

    To be fair, being a pope is VERY stressful. Certainly, the Holy Father must have a knot or three that could use a good working out.

  7. JARay says:

    Well he has my prayers..but perhaps not quite in the way he wants them.

  8. organistjason says:

    A date I can not forget, as it is my birthday. Oh, the irony. Waiting with great anticipation for the next “Ex Cathedra” or “Ex Airplane Press Conferences” for more Catechesis. Incidentally Fr. Z, I have a question. The present BOR is yet, to celebrate the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper, as prescribed in the Roman Missal, properly (if I am not mistaken). I am not referencing the Optional Rite that has gotten so much attention (and God willing will be returned to its proper state upon the election of a new BOR), but specifically on Rubric #3, Pg. 154 of the Roman Missal. “the Celebrations of the Sacred Triduum are to be carried out in Cathedral and Parochial churches and only in those Churches in which they can be performed with dignity, that is, with a good attendance of the faithful, an appropriate number of ministers, and the means to sing at least some of the parts. Consequently, it is desirable that small communities, associations, and special groups of various kinds join together in these churches to carry out the sacred celebrations in a more noble manner” The present BOR has not, in the last three years or this year, celebrated the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper in his Cathedral or “Parochial Church”. He has celebrated the Mass “out of site” of the majority of the faithful. In seclusion at a Prison etc. Now is the gesture wrong. No. The Rubrics are rather crystal clear on this matter. Am I in error? I believe the Evening Mass of the Lord’s to be one of the most Solemn Masses of the Liturgical Year. The Institution of the Holy Priesthood and the Institution of the Eucharist. And yet, for the entirety of this pontificate, it has been, I hesitate to use the word “neglected”, but when one reads the Rubrics, they are pretty clear. I am not trying to be “a speckle headed nuttier”, but this is a rather serious point. At least it is for me.

  9. disco says:

    I’ve gone full Bux protocol on Pope Francis. It’s a strange way to pray for the holy father. Would that his eyes be opened!

  10. HighMass says:

    One cannot wonder if Pope Benedict was forced out………it still plagues us to this day. As Pope Benedict will always be my Pope….

    All that about the Vatican Mafia, and Card. Danieels bragging about ousting Pope Benedict……Really makes one think…….and WONDER
    Pope Benedict God Bless You and Keep YOU!

  11. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    “… yesterday – being Sunday – was a work day for me and that, after the morning duties, I had flights to catch and airports to ‘enjoy’ and that I was posting from my phone… I just didn’t get to it.”

    Yeah. Right. C’mon, you just hate Vatican II.

    [Oh yah? ACTON INSTITUTE!]

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