Clement Alex on Moses, Christ and thorns

Today is the feast of St. Moses, of the Old Testament. We are looking at some Patristic bits about Moses.

Clement of Alexandria writes about the burning bush and the crown of thorns (Christ the Educator 2.8.75):

When the Almighty Lord of the universe began to legislate through the Word and decided to make His power visible to Moses, he sent Moses a divine vision with the appearance of light, in the burning bush. Now a bramble bush is full of thorns. So too when the Word was concluding His legislation and His stay among men as their Lord, again He permitted Himself to be crowned with thorns as a mystic symbol. Returning to the place from which He had descended, the Word renewed that by which He had first come, appearing first in the bush of thorns and later being surrounded with thorns that He might show that all was the work of the same one power. He is one, and His Father is one, the eternal beginning and end.


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