Passiontide veils: your churches your images

I invited your photos of your churches with images covered for Passiontide.

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  1. From Groningen, The Netherlands, St. Jozefcathedral

  2. The Cathedral of Steubenville, OH

  3. St. Peter’s in Troy, NY

  4. br. DM says:

    should reliquaries be veiled?

  5. Gregory DiPippo says:

    JP Sonnen shows us four of the side altars at Trinita\’ dei Pellegrini

  6. Dino says:

    All three statues, crucifix, and two icons in full view. However, the altar had a purple drape, and all the children’s banners on the walls were on purple fabric.

  7. Kardinal says:

    St. Leo’s Catholic Church, Fairfax, Virginia
    Our Pastor, Father Whitestone, posted this picture on his Facebook account.'sVeiled.jpg

  8. Kardinal says:

    Try #2 – you can delete the first one. Sorry :(

    St. Leo’s Catholic Church, Fairfax, Virginia
    Our Pastor, Father Whitestone, posted this picture on his Facebook account.

  9. Papabile says:


    I have probably seen most of the Churches in the Diocese of Arlington. However, I do have to say (and honestly no offense is intended), that is probably one of the most hideous sanctuaries I have ever seen.

  10. Peoria, AZ, St. Charles Borromeo

  11. St. Michael Church: West Memphis, Arkansas

  12. Timothy says:

    I don’t think Kardinal’s pic is that bad. At least the tabernacle is in the center of the sanctuary which is always a plus, no matter the other aesthetic deficiencies. And, Mass can be said ad orientem if desired, another good sign.

  13. Rich says:

    Sigh… yes, we in the Diocese of Arlington have plenty of ugly Churches… but… We also have a great number of Orthodox, Holy Priests and faithful parishioners. Speaking as someone who’s also lived in a Diocese with beautiful Churches but heretical clergy and plenty of VOTF members, I’ll say I’m happy to take Arlington any day! Trust me, we’d be happy to have an awesome looking church handed down by our fathers in faith from the centuries of old, but… we got stuck with the 60-70’s. We make do with what we got. :) The good news is, soon all these churches will need renovations!

  14. suaso says:

    Well…my college’s basilica doesnt really have anything to cover…


  15. Franzjosf says:

    Nice to see St. Peter’s, Troy, where I hear Mass. Alas, the church is closing; the TLM is moving to St. Joseph’s.

  16. cuaguy says:

    Unfortunately, none of the statues where the church that I serve were covered. I think that it may have to do with that it seems like it would take about a week to do them all…

  17. St. Louis, Batesville, IN

  18. Mater Ecclesiae, Berlin, NJ

  19. therese b says:


    I am horrified to hear that your beautiful, unwreckovated gothic church is closing. Why was that?

    Given that one of your countrymen managed to move old London Bridge to Arizona, I wish someone had the money and vision to do the same with these beautiful churches.

  20. joebe says:

    Franzjosf, I’m horrified also. I’m so sorry. I hope someone snaps up that beautiful communion rail to insert elsewhere.

  21. ssoldie says:

    This is the way it was when I was young, we lost so much, I am happy it is finally returning, it made one think more deeply what lent was all about as we went to daily Mass, and would make visit.s to the Church during the wk.

  22. St. John’s, Osgood, IN

  23. Istvan says:

    Good God, what happened to all of the side altars? I would feel sick to my stomach if I was on the detail that had to rip those out.

  24. Father SPW says:

    Istvan–Side altars? You should have seen it before I put a high altar back in. The organ and piano were in the front and a trapazoid tabernacle was on a small table. What you see now is much better than before. As I say: racing forward to the tradition! In your charity pray for my parish. — Fr. SPW

  25. St. Mary’s, Huntsville, AL


  26. Sacred Heart Parish, Du Quoin, Illinois.

  27. Holy Family Cathedral, Tulsa, OK


  28. Christopher says:

    Here was a quick one from Old St. Patrick Oratory in Kansas City MO:

  29. St. Mary’s, Kalamazoo, MI

  30. St. Ann’s, San Diego, CA

  31. This is too fun.

    First, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Guadalupe, CA

    Then… what the kids did when they got home.

    So… what is the lesson to be learned?

  32. irishgirl says:

    Father-that last one is classic! I love all the ‘old’ churches!

    Franzjosef-I’m so sorry that St. Peter’s in Troy is closing.

  33. Dr. Eric says:

    Sacred Heart, in DuQuoin, IL. That’s where we were married!!!

    Monsignor Jerome is awesome! He offers the EF once per month and has been for many, many years.

  34. Landon says:

    I really love that my church veils its statuary. The only problem is that the main crucifix now looks like a huge purple ghost.

  35. The Astronomer says:

    The RC Church in my town in Central NJ has no statues, nor a crucifix. Each Sunday, the altar girls carry a large empty cross “walking to Calvary-style” up in front of the entrance procession ahead of the pastor. This is then set up to the right of the NO table. There are several large purple felt banners (blank) hanging in the sanctuary next to plant pots holding twisted dead tree branches (but they been there since right after New Years’…not sure if they’re permanent or for Lent. And for good measure, all nine female Eucharistic Ministers (don’t get me started on PROPER roles & responsibilities, much less accurate titles)process up as well. (I wish I was joking, but it’s April 2, so I’m just sad instead)

  36. Bryan says:

    Astronomer: Sounds like St. Matthias…

  37. I recognize St Leo’s in Fairfax! Don’t complain! That is the sanctuary AFTER they renovated the hideous one from the 1960’s!!!


  38. Fr. Anthony says:

    Traditional Anglican Communion – Chaplaincy of Saint Mary the Virgin

    Please see for photos of our chapel veiled in medieval English Lenten Array (we use the Sarum liturgy). We veil the statues from Ash Wednesday, not only for Passiontide. I veiled the crosses (high altar, Lady altar and Rood) for Passion Sunday.

    Fr. Anthony Chadwick

  39. Sarah L says:

    I can’t remember what St. Leo’s looked like before, but that sanctuary definitely looks like an effort to improve whatever ugliness predated it.
    Rich, I couldn’t agree more. Arlington is proof that faithful Catholics can flourish even in concrete boxes with Pizza Hut roofs. I have sensed in older dioceses that it is easy to take beautiful churches for granted when you have dozens of them.

  40. michigancatholic says:

    It’s too bad we don’t own the worldwide beige paint consortium, isn’t it? We could save a mint.

    I can only imagine what lies buried underneath all those square miles of whitewash. ARggh.

  41. I took note of Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s inclusion of a photo of San Diego’s St. Anne Church Sanctuary. The church currently is being reconstructed. Much will be done by Holy Week — next week — and it will be a stunning improvement.

    Since he arrived in San Diego last September our Pastor, Fr. Carl Gismondi, FSSP, has undertaken a massive reconstruction. The Altar was immediately moved back to its proper place. The footpace, the footpace and floor of the Sanctuary are now marble and a beatutiful marble Communion Rail has been erected. The Confessionals are being built along with a new Baptistry. A chronicle of photos will appaear on our website beginning next week.

    Carl H. Horst, Sacristan
    St. Anne Catholic Church
    San Diego

  42. Here’s a few from my parish St. Thérèse in Alhambra, Ca.

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