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Earthquake in Rome

I am getting a couple reports that there was an earthquake in Rome. Any more information. (Keep the knuckle-head stuff out of this.)


QUAERITUR: Passion (during Mass) in… What the…!

From a reader: As announced at 1 of the Parishes in DBQ,  IA last Sunday:  "The Passion will be proclaimed in mime at the 4:15 Saturday Mass and 9:30 Sunday Mass." Do I even have to ask the obvious question? In … Read More

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QUAERITUR: How early can the Easter Vigil begin?

From a reader: There is a parish in our diocese that is advertising (in the bulletin and even in the diocesan paper) a 4:00 p.m. Easter Vigil.  Are there ANY circumstances which allow for such an exception to the rule … Read More

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N. Gingrich talks about his conversion

Watch Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace for this Sunday when you can. At the end of the second block, toward the bottom of the hour, Chris Wallace asked Mr. Gingrich why he converted to Catholicism last Sunday. Gingrich responded … Read More

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