Even more quotes from e-mails about Bp. Trautman’s war on the translation

I invite other bloggers to get involved with this informal poll.  The more blogs pick this up, the more likely a large number of bishops will get the news that people are reacting to Bp. Trautman’s declared intention to derail the new translation of the Roman Missal and force his agenda.  (Original post here.)

BTW… Bp. Trautman said he received some 50-60 e-mail in support of his ideas.  I have received over 270.  They are still coming in.

More quotes from your e-mails of support for approval of the translation texts at the upcoming USCCB plenary:

"Please count me in supporting the approval of the new translation of the OF Missal.  To argue that inaccuate translations are "pastoral" is nonsensical.  What is pastoral is to feed the flock bread instead of stones, and the current translation of the OF Missal in English has been giving the Faithful stones rather than bread for the past 35 years."

"I believe his complaints about pastoral language and style are an egregious (although common) abuse of the word ‘pastoral’. Pastoral language should lead the flock to higher things rather than follow its least common denominator and pastoral style should be distinct from the rest of the culture so that the flock may recognize the voice of its shepherd out of all the hundreds of voices clamoring for its attention. In the context of the liturgy, sacred language is pastoral language."

"We’ve had too many years of watered down pastoral language. The situation reminds me of the word lists once suggested for children’s book writers: don’t write beyond your reader or you’ll lose him–a preposterous idea. How best to stretch the imagination and the mind at Mass?  Use words reflecting the solemnity and reverence of the liturgy.  Children should know that reading is hard work;  so is praying!  Efforts are always rewarded."





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