Retreat underway for priests of the Anglican provisions

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has some information on his blog about a retreat being held in Tampa, FL, with a focus on the Anglican provisions for, I believe, priests who have already availed themselves of Rome’s previous provisions.  I am unclear precisely what the retreat is about, but Fr. Longenecker is there and reporting.  You might want to give him some traffic and see what is going on.

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  1. P.McGrath says:

    Father L. provided this sorely-needed laugh:

    Q: I am a married man, and a bishop in the Foursquare Anglican Church of the First Remove. I bear a valid miter and crozier purchased from Wippell’s in London (I still have the receipt) My apostolic orders are descended from St Jude the Obscure through the Davidic line of the Celtic Obsession. I understand that Anglican bishops who convert, although no longer bishops, may take their place in the Catholic Bishops conference with the rank of retired bishops and that we may still wear our purple cassock and capa magna. In my case I usually wear the triple tiara as well to symbolize the three parishes in my jurisdiction. Is there any possibility that I might be made a Cardinal one day and be given an apartment in the Vatican Palace?
    A: The possibility is extremely remote.

  2. vincentuher says:

    Fr. Z, it is the first retreat for priests who entered the Catholic Church in the USA under the Pastoral Provision of Pope John Paul II to come together as a body.

    There have been a number of Anglican Use Society’s conferences that have brought together Catholics of Anglican tradition and heritage in the USA — both lay and ordained — as well as Anglicans and Episcopalians interested in learning more about the Pastoral Provision. The next Anglican Use Society conference will no doubt focus on Anglicanorum coetibus and the Ordinariates to be formed. This retreat for the AU and Pastoral Provision priests is very well-deserved by our hardworking and trailblazing clergy.

    For all of us former Anglican clergy and laity in the Catholic Church, this is a time of great rejoicing that with the extraordinarily generous provisions of the Apostolic Constitution we will be able to clearly invite our Anglican and Episcopalian family to come home to the Catholic Church and actively participate in the fulfillment of the prayer of the Lord Jesus Christ that we would be one as a witness to Him and the Truth of the Gospel.

    By the providential hand of God, this retreat for the Anglican Use and Pastoral Provision clergy is occurring in this week of the promulgation of “Angicanorum coetibus”. In some sense that retreat has become part working retreat with new realities that we never dared to dream. Thanks be to God for the Holy Father, the Pope of Christian Unity!


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