PRAYERCAzT: 2nd Vespers of Trinity Sunday (Breviarum Romanum)

Vor the tired brethren…. Vespers from the older, traditional form of the Office.

No frills… well most of it is no frills…. I sing the hymn, Magnificat antiphon and Magnificat.

It is a feast, after all, and the liturgical (if not calendrical) anniversary of my ordination.


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  1. Many happy returns of your liturgical anniversary of ordination, Father!
    (Oh and by the way, your roast potatoes above look absolutely fabulous. Ever throw a little peperoncino in there too?)

  2. RomeontheRange: Thanks!

  3. irishgirl says:

    I know this is a couple of days late-but ‘happy litiurgical anniversary of ordination’, Father Z!

    So you Trinity Sunday is your ‘feast’, eh? Very cool!

    I have a priest-friend in England who was ordained by John Paul II on Pentecost Sunday 1982. That happened on the last day of the Holy Father’s visit to Britain.

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