PRAYERCAzT: 2nd Vespers of Trinity Sunday (Breviarum Romanum)

Vor the tired brethren…. Vespers from the older, traditional form of the Office.

No frills… well most of it is no frills…. I sing the hymn, Magnificat antiphon and Magnificat.

It is a feast, after all, and the liturgical (if not calendrical) anniversary of my ordination.

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3 Responses to PRAYERCAzT: 2nd Vespers of Trinity Sunday (Breviarum Romanum)

  1. Many happy returns of your liturgical anniversary of ordination, Father!
    (Oh and by the way, your roast potatoes above look absolutely fabulous. Ever throw a little peperoncino in there too?)

  2. RomeontheRange: Thanks!

  3. irishgirl says:

    I know this is a couple of days late-but ‘happy litiurgical anniversary of ordination’, Father Z!

    So you Trinity Sunday is your ‘feast’, eh? Very cool!

    I have a priest-friend in England who was ordained by John Paul II on Pentecost Sunday 1982. That happened on the last day of the Holy Father’s visit to Britain.

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