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QUAERITUR: academic attire for priests

From a priest reader:      I would like to know what the appropriate academic dress is for priests at a graduation ceremony. I understand that the current "secular" dress evolved from clerical dress in the first place, namely the cassock … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Am I blue?

I took a walk back to where the blue birds hang out. They are pretty wary.  I wasn’t able to get very close. A couple sparrows were having a mid-air tiff. Back to the Bluebirds. I need one of those … Read More

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A priest’s first public Traditional Mass: his reflections

A kind reader alerted me to an entry on the blog Specious Pedestrian by Fr. Dominic Holtz, OP, who wrote about his experience of saying Holy Mass with the Extraordinary Form publicly for the first time. Let’s have a look … Read More

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Pro-aborts attack ultra-sound

The improvement of ultrasound technology has probably contributed in many cases to the choice for life rather than death for unborn children. Juxtapose that to the desire of some politicians and the self-interested in the abortion industry to make sure … Read More

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