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Being “judgmental”. Fr. Finigan hits for six!

My friend His Hermeneuticalness has hit for six. Here is a sample.  But definitely go over to his place and spike his stats even while reading the rest of this excellent entry. My emphases and comments:     Judge not, that … Read More

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SHOCK! A Cardinal is pro-life!

I got to know Marc Card. Ouellet in Rome.  He is a stand up guy. So, I tuned in when I saw this from CWN: Cardinal Marc Ouellet expressed astonishment at the reaction to his recent statement that abortion is … Read More

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Of rotted fish juice lunch and of gardens and of feeders

I want to thank EC of NY for lunch today.  EC of NY sent some garum… yes… garum.  I have written about garum several times (check here and here.), but most recently in the form of colatura, a super concentrated … Read More

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Of irony and impeachment – wherein Fr. Z makes some observations

I understand that The White House’s Rahm Emanuel asked former President Clinton to give the pitch about a job to Rep. Sestak… drop out of the Pennsylvania primary race in exchange for a job in the administration. This comes from … Read More