My View For Awhile Again

Farewell Detroit.

Having given talks at the DIA for Call To Holiness, and having raised up the Sacrifice in a Missa Cantata for Septuagesima, this is my view for now after yet another flight delay on this multicity trip


I had more time for a splendid brunch because of the delay, however. Silver clouds and linings, right?

This it is how it started…


This is how it ended…


You don’t get to see the part in between. That’s when the Inspector arrived.

Now it’s Kindle (a book sent by a reader, thanks), a flight, and then back to the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue for a couple days before I do it all again.

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  1. acardnal says:

    Have you been able to catch any of the Olympic curling action, Father? I know it means a lot to you. Both the men’s and women’s USA teams are out.

  2. Unwilling says:

    “the study found that when married couples held hands… calmed down [in the face of danger] compared with when they held hands with [another or no one. But] the same effect held true for same-sex couples who considered themselves married.” The study concludes that the benefit comes not from being married, but from considering oneself married. Feeling is Truth. It is all in our muddled up heads!

    Cf. Pelosi considering herself Catholic.

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