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Prayers for Ukrainians

I remember in my prayers tonight the people in the Ukraine.  The people in this unfortunate corner of the world, with its beautiful culture and Christian tradition, have suffered so much in the last 100 years. Tonight they are suffering … Read More

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Challenge public homosexual nudity? You’re a “homophobic a**hole”, you “outrageous bigot”, you!

Homosexualists work incessantly in every sphere of life to desensitize people, especially the young, to their own particular proclivities. So, when a school trustee suggested that it was wrong for homosexualists to parade about nude – literally parade – he … Read More

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Confusion about the term “Latin Mass”

I have been going on for YEARS – nay, rather, DECADES –  now about how trads and others should NOT use the term “Latin Mass”, just by itself, to describe Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the Usus Antiquior, the Pian … Read More

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