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Card. Turkson: eaten alive by BBC

Peter Card. Turkson was eaten alive on the BBC’s program HardTalk.  HERE Admittedly, the interviewer was a prime example of the BBC’s vicious worst. The program, HardTalk, is pretty brutal.  You agree to go on at your peril. Result this … Read More

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Rome intervenes to keep open church slated for closing

When parish churches have to be closed, heartbreak ensures. But do churches have to be closed? I have seen some instances where viable places were shut down, with the concomitant hurt and anger, for no very good reason that I … Read More

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Russian Patriarch: laws for same-sex “marriage” justify sin, threaten civilization

At least someone is saying it. From ZENIT: Patriarch Kirill: Violation of God’s Laws is Destroying Human Civilization Head of Russian Orthodox Church Warns Against Legislating in Favor of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Violating God’s laws by legislating in favor of same-sex … Read More

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TIME IS RUNNING OUT ON THESE I had a note that 56 have been sold so far.  Can we reach 100? _____________ The people who have the blog Courageous Priest are trying to raise some money by selling spiffy hoodies. … Read More

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NBC promotes homosexual identity during Olympics

I find this disgusting.  This makes me want to have nothing to do with the broadcasts of Olympic competitions.  Will I make an exception for all-important curling coverage?  I am torn. From Truth Revolt: Ex-Olympic skater [what a surprise] and … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Crying babies – Wherein Fr. Z backs away in trepidation

This has to be the third rail of all questions. I have brought it up a few times here … few use the search box I provide it seems… but it keeps coming around. From a reader… QUAERITUR: We have … Read More

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FOLLOW UP: Buy TLM learning materials for a “baby priest”

Do you remember that some time ago I asked you to pitch in and buy some resources for a “baby priest” who wanted to learn the Extraordinary Form? HERE You really stepped up. You put into his hands what he … Read More

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