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From the Religion of Peace: 9 Year Old Christian Girl, Raped For 19 Days

Via the European Freedom Initiative: Muslims Capture 9 Year Old Christian Girl, And Brutally Rape Her For 19 Days A nine year old Christian girl in Jordan was captured by Muslims who brutally raped her for 19 days. She was … Read More

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Could Pope Francis be the one to reconcile the SSPX?

At CMR Pat Archbold offers that, if Pope Francis can reach out so cordially to Protestants gathered at a conference, even send a video, then why shouldn’t he reach out to the priests and bishops of the SSPX. A darn … Read More

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Had this been a photo of Benedict XVI…

… the mainstream media would probably have written: POPE MAKES KID CRY, ENJOYS IT Instead, it is Pope Francis, so people just go “Awwwww….”

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Pres. Obama to ObamaCare comrades: “The work you’re doing is God’s work.”

This from WSJ: President Says ObamaCare Volunteers Doing ‘God’s Work’ [?!?] Barack Obama speaks to his old campaign comrades [That’s the right word.] at Organizing for Action. HOLY OBAMACARE Last night in Washington President Obama addressed the national meeting of Organizing … Read More

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Benedict XVI thinks your idea is “simply absurd”

Some people are suggesting that Benedict XVI’s resignation wasn’t legal and that he is still Pope.  I wrote about that HERE. From CNA: Benedict XVI affirms validity of his resignation Vatican City, Feb 26, 2014 / 03:47 am (CNA).- Today … Read More

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AG Holder to State AGs: don’t enforce laws you don’t like

A sign of the anti-nomian spirit of this age?  A sign of what liberals truly think about law and their own power? From CBS: Eric Holder: Discriminatory laws don’t need defending Attorney General Eric Holder says state attorneys general are … Read More

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