Depressing autopsy of how Pres. Obama promotes Socialism in less than 5 minutes

Here is a brief video from Dick Morris (who knows a thing or two about political maneuvering). He explains “How Obama Used the Economic Crisis to Promote Socialism in America”.

Remember now-Mayor of Chicago’s phrase: Never let a crisis go to waste?

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  1. ericrun says:

    The documentary Agenda is very enlightening about the Communists and how envolved they were in bringing Obama to power, and how they had lists of goals that they wanted to accomplish to bring about the end of freedom, capitalism, and Christianity, and they’ve managed to accomplished nearly every item on their agenda. Watched it a few weeks ago with a few members of our That Man is You group to fill the time during the summer break.

  2. ericrun says:

    Link didn’t work. The site is

  3. Sword40 says:

    Well, Morris is correct on this one. But his record of calling elections is horrible.

  4. Johnno says:

    The men behind communism are insanely clever. They have long been used to turning people into their unwitting promoters, and thus likewise have done so and used the people to elect their way into slavery and doom.

    You cannot undo this via elections. You cannot undo this via any human effort safe for successful violent opposition. What we are dealing with here is a spiritual problem at the root of the issue. Only God can solve that. And only man can put aside his pride and let God do it. Listen to what the Mother of God warned us about so many years ago at Fatima and finally obey what she requested (ordered) the Pope and Bishops to do. It’s up to the laity to force them to make it happen by raising our voices. If those fools can listen to the whinings of the liberals, then they are perfectly capable of listening to us, and you’d better sound angry. It’s your life and the lives and souls of your children and loved ones on the line. No more ‘gentleness’, pick up the pitchforks and the torches and use your outside voice!

  5. Facta Non Verba says:

    America can and will survive the horrible Obama policies. Remember, after President Carter emerged President Reagan.

  6. mlmc says:

    Obama is just the tip of the iceberg. The Democratic party has sharply shifted over the last 14 years. The quick move to restrict religious liberty after the Hobby Lobby decision is emblematic of the problem- added to the left’s stalinesque destruction of Brendan Eich, we have a scary paradigm. The new proposed law gives the chief executive the power to essentially define the scope of a religions practice- we are moving to freedom of worship (restricted to 11:00 to 12:00 Sundays in a defined building) rather than freedom of religion. Eich gave money to proposition 8- defining marriage as it is classically understood. Prop 8 not only had the backing of a majority of the people in California (we are not talking red state here) but also reflected the position of Obama (& Hilary just a few years earlier). But now that is thought crime- but Obama & Hilary get a pass b/c have since recanted. Religion will be treated as a mere hobby- like model building- with no more import & no more meaning as to the fundamental questions of life.

  7. blessedtolivenow says:

    @ericrun, I found a full online version of the Agenda documentary here, Sadly, I don’t think that we can “hope” for a post Obama president that will “save” us. Our help must come from our Lord and from our joining together to fight for what our country stood for.

  8. Facta Non Verba,you’re far more optimistic than i am.Hope you’re right!

    Open Letter(re Obama)

    “America can and will survive the horrible Obama policies. Remember, after President Carter emerged President Reagan.”

    thanks for trying to encourage us.
    It’s not so much the horrible policies and they sure are-it’s the corruption.I keep thinking,2 more years. It’s almost unbearable.

  9. Eric says:

    Somebody call Jeeves.

    If you’re going to wear a button down collar shirt, button down the collar for the love of Pete. Tie or no tie, button it down. One could go hang gliding with that collar.

    I feel better now.

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