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REVIEW: Movie “Persecuted”

This is a public service announcement. I prefer to be kind about Christian movies.  That said, save yourself some irritation.  The newly released “Persecuted” isn’t good. “Persecution” addresses a theme which I think is real: there is/will be persecution of … Read More

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Malaysian Airlines 17, Death and You

The black boxes from Malaysian Airlines 17 might indicate that the pilots attempted a vain evasion. I doubt it. I suspect that exploding death was sudden. Who knows who may have survived the initial blast and remained conscious for some … Read More

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VIDEO Aurora: just… wow

I have been watching the news a lot over the last couple days.  Given my mood, I can imagine also yours. Here’s something very cool as a change of pace. Real time – not time-lapse – video of aurora borealis. … Read More

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Are you Middle Aged yet?

Something lighter on a heavy Friday: For those among you who are well-read, do you know about: Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

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“Thanks for your blog. It saved this seminarian from a particularly mortifying purification.”

From a seminarian: Just wanted to say a big “Thanks” for your blog. I was sure glad for the liturgical minutiae I’ve picked up here when I found a fly in the Precious Blood tonight after Mass. Your advice about … Read More

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