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Benedict XVI empowered a movement that will bring beauty back to the sanctuary and to the whole world.

I saw this in The Week.  My emphases and comments: In defense of Pope Benedict and the Latin Mass Twelve summers ago I entered a dusty little church in a Polish neighborhood in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., that Poles had abandoned long … Read More

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Dem Senators propose bill to deprive religious entities of all religious freedom protection

I read this at NRO: Senate Democrats’ Religious-Freedom Deprivation Bill Under the guise of “protect[ing] women’s health from corporate interference,” the bill that Senate Democrats are proposing in response to the Hobby Lobby ruling would deprive religious entities of all … Read More

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VIDEO: A moment of a Pontifical Mass

The 7th FOTA conference (liturgy) took place in Cork, Ireland.  There was a Pontifical Mass at the Throne with Terce celebrated at Sts Peter and Paul Church by His Excellency Most Rev Philip Boyce, OCD, Bishop of Raphoe. There are … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Forms of 1st blessings by new priests

I’ve had a couple emails lately with questions about forms or texts of blessings by priests.  ‘Tis the season: new priests are darting about, leaving whiffs of still-fresh chrism in their wakes, imparting “first blessings”.  As it turns out, I … Read More

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Pro-abort class

If those who are for big-business abortion are willing even to kill the unborn, who thinks that they will display the human decency of manners? Moreover, we just don’t know what has transpired in the lives of some people who, … Read More

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How would you like a job wherein your shift change looks like this?

Who would like the job of minding this lighthouse? How would you like a job wherein your shift change looks like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5ZmnF7SCcU&feature=player_embedded

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