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White to move and mate.  Can you weave the net?

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  1. Falconchetto says:

    1. Rxh7+, Kxh7
    2. Qh4+, Kg7
    3. Qh6#

  2. Adam Piggott says:

    No way out for black after that.

  3. Falconchetto: Okay. However, black has the option of 2. … Bh5 instead of Kg7. That only delays the inevitable which is

    3. Qxh5+ Kg7
    4. Bh6+ Kh8
    5. Bf8#

  4. Adam:

    1. QxF5… well it isn’t forcing, is it, like 1. Rxh7+, Kxh7.

    1.QxF5 leaves your opponent several options for escape starting with 1… Rg6 or Rg7 defending that all important shielding pawn on h7. Also, that means your queen is going to be attacked on the next move by that pesky bishop, forcing retreat to safety somewhere along the f file making her very sad on f3, f2 or totally depressed on f1. You’ve lost the tempo and position allowing black to shift piece to attack on the other side.

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