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Right now I am working my way through the fascinating  Trent: What Happened at the Council by John O’Malley.  [US HERE – UK HERE] Not exactly the most conservative of scholars, but he has done his homework.  It gives me a new view of that important Council and a new view of Paul V (Farnese).

Because it is 9/11…

This would have been an occasion for general absolution, I think.

Say a prayer for this priest.  I suspect there wasn’t another priest on the plane to give him absoluion.

Don’t ever take the sacraments for granted.  GO TO CONFESSION when you know you have to as well as regularly.  You just don’t know.  Hence, the Church’s perennial prayer in the Litany – too seldom prayed, alas –

A subitanea et improvisa morte, libera nos, Domine.

From a sudden and unprovided death, save us, O Lord.

And in Chess news…

Yesterday a couple readers jumped in with solutions.  Yay!

White to move and win material.

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  1. Falconchetto says:

    1. Nxf7, Rg8
    2. Rxh6+, g6
    3. Bxg6+, Rxg6
    4. Qxg6+, Kd8
    5. Rxe3

  2. Falconchetto: Thanks for that. Did you mean 2.Nxh6+ with discovered check? Black is really in trouble after this. I ran it through an engine and came up with +9.2. However, black is in slightly less in trouble by sac’ing his queen on f7, don’t you think? Also, he can get his anxious king to relative safety by castling. Along the lines of

    1.Nxf7 Qxf7 (Domina se sacrificat.)
    2.Bg6 O-O-O (Fugit rex adroccans in Dominae latus)
    3.Bxf7 Nxc2 (Fugiens Eques pedem necat ut turres utrobique minetur.)
    The engine suggests +6.2, which is still dire, but less dire.

  3. Falconchetto says:

    Yes to both questions; thanks for following-up Father!

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