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The slipperiness of Jesuit homosexualist activist @JamesMartinSJ

At Complict Clergy there is a recording of Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin speaking almost candidly at the perennially insane, infamous, renegade parish St. Joan of Arc in my native Minneapolis.   That place is crazy weird.  Just the venue for … Read More

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Bp. Paprocki talks about moral issues in the lead up to the upcoming election

Fr. Z’s Blog likes Bp. Paprocki of Springfield in the sad state of Illinois. You might recall that he did an exorcism of the whole state after the abomination of same-sex “marriage” was approved there. Bp. Paprocki talks about moral … Read More

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MOSUL: ISIS Islamists forcibly circumcise Christian, sell Yazidi women as slaves

More love from the Religion of Peace. Is the use of military force justified to stop this? From Jihad Watch: Islamic State forcibly circumcises Christian men, sells 700 Yazidi women [… I won’t post this part…] “ISIS Forcefully Circumcised Assyrian … Read More

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