Bp. Paprocki talks about moral issues in the lead up to the upcoming election

Fr. Z’s Blog likes Bp. Paprocki of Springfield in the sad state of Illinois. You might recall that he did an exorcism of the whole state after the abomination of same-sex “marriage” was approved there.

Bp. Paprocki talks about moral issues in the lead up to the upcoming election.

One party on the ballot is firmly set aggressive positions in favor of intrinsically evil acts.

Again, I would vote for the corpse of Millard Fillmore to keep Hillary Clinton and her evil culture of death out of the White House.

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  1. lmgilbert says:

    In sync with the tenor of Bishop Pabrocki’s comments, since high-information Catholics do not want Hillary Clinton reigning supreme for the next eight years, why not co-opt Donald Trump? After all, he is by far the more Catholic of the two, under that lens being the higher good ( rather than that most badly maligned of all moral choices, the lesser evil) Besides, as a fellow sinner he should command some loyalty on that score alone.

    If only we Catholics would come to his aid massively, put him in office and make him beholden to us. Surely many Catholics are already praying for his conversion, a conversion which he badly needs, admittedly. Pray him into supernatural splendor, first, and then into Christian policies. Nevertheless, his mind is already coming into line with the mind of Christ on the abortion issue. Hence on that issue the question, “Who would Jesus choose? ” answers itself, but that is—as Bishop Paprocki indicates-—the largest issue of all. Trump has explicitly said that he favors pro-life judges and has presented us with a 30 judge sample to reassure us..

    He is accused of flirting with racism, but surely his concern for the inner city evinces a very benign flirtation. He has repeatedly said that he wants to bring industry back to the United States so that (among other reasons) our inner city unemployed youth would be able to escape their dead-end lives.

    Out of the same concern for the inner city he has a program for school choice. How an advocate of school choice fails to be the automatic Catholic favorite totally escapes me. Do we not want to be able to give all our youth a Catholic education? School vouchers would enable that. In this context he has expressed concern for both the black and the latino populations, that their parents be able to supply their children with a top-notch education. This is racism?

    Beyond her high negatives from a Catholic standpoint, given recent developments it seems that voting for HRC may well be voting for a constitutional crisis. Or as Pat Buchanan puts is, the presidency from hell.. Who needs it? Look at it this way- Trump is a risk, but HRC is certain disaster.

    Trump, not Catholic, but the most Catholic candidate of the two, deserves our support. Then let us make the Catholic vote decisive in this election and thereby recover some political clout. If Trump realizes that he is dependent on Catholics to come to his aid for a second term, would he not go to bat for our interests in his first term?

  2. Richard A says:

    I was prepared to say I’d vote for a deranged chimpanzee before I’d vote for Gruoch Clinton, but then I was given that option …

  3. jhayes says:

    Ross Douthat gives his view on voting in this election.


  4. Packrraat says:

    jhayes; I read the Ross Douthat article and strongly disagree that Hillary Clinton would be the better choice. I think we would probably be better off with Cruze or Rubio, but Clinton? An absolutely despicable person, totally opposed to everything Catholic. If she is elected I feel sure she will usher in an age of persecution on the Church. She will not tolerate dissent, and I think she will be utterly vicious towards those who openly oppose her, if members of the Church have the courage to openly oppose her.

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