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Obamic Irony

After the sad election last November, the President joked around with Barbara Walters on ABC about his daughters being surrounded by guns all the time.  I am sure that, as a father, he thinks that’s a mighty fine perk. His … Read More

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Shades of Marion Coatsworth Hay!

Stop The Presses!  Stop The Presses!  This just in! From Newsmax: Daughters of the American Revolution Ban Mentions of Jesus The Daughters of the American Revolution has sparked a civil war in its ranks by removing any mention of Jesus … Read More

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Paying their “fair share”: empty and cynical rhetoric

CMR reminded me a scene from a show that I really like: The West Wing. “But Father! But FATHER!” some of you are saying. “You like that lefty show?” Yes.  I like it.  And as we are into this horrible administration, the … Read More

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Listen to the new, corrected translation in use last Sunday in the wilds of England on BBC 4

On the site of BBC 4 you can listen, for this week, to a recording of a broadcast of Holy Mass from a parish in England, Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge, from this last Sunday. That means Mass … Read More

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What Would Pres. Bartlett Do?

President Bartlett would not fire Gen. McChrystal. BTW… here is another example of a volcano influencing history. It seems McChrystal and staff were stuck together for a long time because of the volcano in Iceland. Oops. Do you get the … Read More

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