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#ASonnetADay – GUEST SONNET by Gerard Manley Hopkins – The Soldier

#ASonnetADay – GUEST SONNET by Gerard Manley Hopkins – The Soldier pic.twitter.com/ug2Rr0T4TL — Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (@fatherz) November 11, 2020

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“In ev’ry clime and place…” – Happy 245th Birthday UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS!

Happy birthday to all Marines everywhere. 245th Cake Cutting Ceremony HERE Commandant’s Birthday Message HERE Parris Island Birthday Pageant HERE (historic uniforms) There are quite a few birthday videos available.  Browse! And take a look at the Commandant’s Reading list … Read More

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Happy 240th Birthday USMC!

Happy Birthday US Marine Corps! Thank you and OORAH! UPDATE: A reader sent me a link to a story in the Marine Times about how “Oorah!” caught on in the Corps.  HERE  

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Happy 239th Birthday, Marines!

Happy 239th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! Oorah and thank you.

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Pres. Obama’s disrespect for the military

I was really angry when I first saw this. Mr. President.  These guys are NOT your valets!  They are NOT hotel doormen! From the Daily Caller: Obama breaches Marine umbrella protocol The commander in chief of the American armed forces … Read More

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