Happy 240th Birthday USMC!

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Happy Birthday US Marine Corps!

Thank you and OORAH!


A reader sent me a link to a story in the Marine Times about how “Oorah!” caught on in the Corps.  HERE


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12 Responses to Happy 240th Birthday USMC!

  1. John Nolan says:

    Of all the fighting forces in history, the USMC must be in the top half-dozen (and for a marine it must surely be in the top one). I’d much rather have them behind me than in front of me.

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks for the greeting Fr. Z. To borrow a line from an email making the rounds this morning: “…nothing against our Army brothers- we’ve been bringing our own zesty blend of God and country to the battlefield since 1775.”

    Also, Servant of God Fr. Vincent Capodanno’s cause for sainthood is being reviewed by the Archdiocese for Military Services (created by St. John Paul II). Fr. Capodanno, the “Grunt Padre”, was KIA in Vietnam in 1967 and was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously in 1969.

    Semper Fidelis

  3. TopSully says:

    Thank you Father Z!

    John Nolan: Thank you. As the old saying goes, the safest place on the battlefield is behind a Marine with his weapon. PS – We Marines capitalize our title.

  4. Kerry says:

    The two greatest institutions in the world are the Catholic Church and the Marine Corps. Viva Christo Rey et Semper Fi!

  5. Bos Mutissimus says:

    Thanks for the props, Father! 240 Years Unblemished By Progress!
    God Bless America!
    Long live the United States*, and Success to the Marines!

    Bos aka “Mental” Sends//

    * Note to Barnhardt if you’re reading this – Marines die hard. We haven’t given up yet!

  6. Moral_Hazard says:

    @Fr.Z: You post “OORAH” often enough. Were you ever in the Corps?

    Oh, and happy birthday jarheads.


    Seaman Squid

  7. Phil_NL says:

    If the Army and the Navy
    Ever look on Heaven’s scenes,
    They will find the streets are guarded
    By United States Marines.

    An ‘oorah’ for the USMC; in gratitude, for saving this side of the pond 70 years ago, and a vigilant watch ever since.

  8. Brian C. 0311 says:

    Semper Fi Fr. Z.

  9. Andreas says:

    From a recently retired senior Naval Officer who has served with the Marines, many thanks to you, Father, and all here who support The Marine Corps. Also, as it is 11 November, may I send best regards on this Veteran’s Day!

  10. Andreas says:

    From a recently retired senior Naval Officer who has served with the Marines, many thanks to you, Father, and all here who support The Marine Corps. Also, as it is now 11 November, may I also send best regards on this Veteran’s Day!

  11. Federico says:

    This date holds a special place in my heart.

    32 years ago I was an ROTC midshipman at MIT. I invited the most beautiful woman in the world (sorry other ladies) to be my date at the USMC birthday ball held at the Boston USCG facility. I was in my dinner dress blues, she was in a gorgeous ball gown.

    Two years later I graduated and the following day we wed.

    We are about to celebrate our 30th. We still remember that special night.

  12. Andy Lucy says:

    From a former Army officer….. Happy belated Corps Birthday. Hooah, Jarheads!

    FWIW, the US Army birthday is June 14, 1775… and constant service since makes the Army the senior branch. Just saying, guys. ;) There were four companies of artillery and engineers stationed at West Point, New York during the years after the Revolutionary War, and one regiment stationed in the west of the new country. Those soldiers form the bridge between the Rev War discharges and raising the Legion of the United States in 1791.

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