“John Paul The Great University” students visible in CA media

An interesting piece of mail came in.

Students at John Paul the Great Catholic University (JP Catholic) are getting on television and coverage in the mainstream media for their ads supporting propositions to protect marriage and get parental notification for abortion. 
–An ad of theirs ran in California on broadcast TV immediately following the VP debate
–The LA Times covered their efforts on another set of ads
–The TV news ran a story on them
I’ve compiled a lot of the info here:
Rather than inviting speakers like Hillary Clinton to speak at graduation ceremonies, this is what Catholic Universities should be teaching their students to do!
My blog aimed at the academic audience so I don’t typically get much of a popular readership but this story needs to get out there.  JP Catholic needs support–we’re just a little school, barely 3 years old!  Catholics would go nuts if they students were making this kind of an impact!
Thanks and God bless!

Michael Barber
Professor of Theology, Scripture and Catholic Thought
John Paul the Great Catholic University
10174 Old Grove Road
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92131

Let’s avoid discussion of the using the title "the Great".  That is a rabbit hole for this discussion. I am likely to delete your comments or lock out you IP if you drag it in that direction.  That is sometime for a different entry, not this one.

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  1. Geoffrey says:

    What great news! I am amazed at how the “established” Catholic universities in the USA (Notre Dame, etc.) are not very Catholic anymore, and it’s the up and coming new universities that cling to orthodoxy. Deo gratias!

  2. Karl Adam says:

    This is amazing! It’s always puzzled me as to why Catholics don’t do this kind of thing more regularly.

    I should add that I’ve been to JP Catholic and they are doing really GREAT stuff there–they’ve become a hub for everything good in San Diego. Good to see people getting to know them.

  3. Philip-Michael says:

    I am glad to hear of another Catholic University in the States actually being Catholic. Sadly, it took a University to be founded upon the legacy of JPII for “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” to actually be properly implemented. I think that also, in lieu of what Pope Benedict said during his recent visit to the US about Catholic Education is also beginning to bear fruit. I know personally that a particular Catholic HS in my diocese is doing a lot to enhance its Catholic identity. These kind of grassroots campaigns need the support and praise of other Catholics because they will inevitably be met with trial and tribulation so to receive a vote of confidence from other Catholics is a great grace. Way to Go JP the Great University and others like you!

  4. John says:

    Market forces may increase orthodoxy at even the most rabidly secular “Catholic” univeristies as well.

    Even a loss of say 10% of students / alumni dollars to the emerging orthodox universities could lead to serious budget issues. The result would be an increase in orthodoxy to remain competitive.

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