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WDTPRS has a new category:

Mail from priests

Some of the most interesting feedback and news I get is from priests (and bishops) who are readers.

I like to be able to share more mail from priests with WDTPRSers.

If you are a priest, I assure you that I will maintain your anonymity if you write to me.

However, if you are writing about what happened in a public event, such as a solemn Mass or what you said in your sermon on Sunday, I will probably talk about where it was and I will probably include names, etc.  After all, it was public.

But, Reverend and dear Fathers and brothers, I will keep your name and location out of the entries if you request it

The important thing is that you feel free to write in with your observations and reflections, news and insights.

I also hear from bishops from time to time.  If you ever want to say anything to this very wide readership, I will help.

Click here for my E-mail.  If you put something catchy in the subject line, such as "From Fr. …. to Fr. Z" I will spot it more quickly.

Keep in mind that I get an avalanche of e-mail as it is.  I might not use everything I get and I may not respond to your mail right away or at all, depending on how life is going.  You understand, I’m sure.

Also, a request to all WDTPRsers….

I would like to go back through posts from the past and add them to this category.  Will you help?   If you find a post that fits this category, will you send me the LINK?  Or maybe post it here below?  I can add the tags.

Many hands will make lighter work.

Someone took on and completed Sept 2008, btw.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Lynne says:

    I sent Father Z the list of priest links from the archive of January 2008…

  2. Lynne says:

    I did February 2008 too…

  3. Nicola C says:

    LOL Great minds! I also sent him those before I saw your post, thinking people would be working backwards. I’ll do April 2008 (in case you’re working on March).

  4. Nicola C says:

    April 2008 done, working on May 2008 and will then email both together to Fr. Z.

  5. Nicola C says:

    June 08 also sent. Apologies for the spamming.

  6. Daniel Kirkland says:

    Working on August 2008.

  7. Aine says:

    Sorry, I was working on Sept. days ago but got caught up in reading some of the threads. Maybe I can help with ’07 – has anyone started yet?

  8. Lynne says:

    Yes, March 2008 is done…

  9. Daniel Kirkland says:

    Aine, September 07 has been done already. The rest is clear as far as I know.

    Daniel K.

  10. Lynne says:

    There were no posts regarding mail from priests or seminarians in the archives of Dec 2005, Jan 2006 or Feb 2006.

  11. Aine says:

    Thanks Daniel. I checked Jan/Feb ’07 before I saw your post and they were clear.

    I love the idea of giving a supportive forum to seminarians and young priests. I learn a lot from them, and the responses from posters, especially from Fr. Z and other experienced priests.

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