A glimpse at PODCAzT 92

What a PODCAzT looks like when it is done.

092 09-10-04 Gregory the Great to bishops on preaching the hard stuff; Harvest Moon

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  1. sekman says:

    What Program is that Father?

  2. PJ says:

    That looks a lot of work. Thank you for the time you spend pod-casting, Father.

  3. Patrick J. says:

    What program is that?,

    Since Father is not responding, I think I can answer that.

    Well, that is either Magix Music Studio, or Samplitude, its big brother. Great (German) programs, (a lot of good audio stuff comes from Germany). The first, MMS, is a sub $80 wiz bang of an audio program, sold at (Fry’s, and I think Best Buy etc.) with Samplitude being the Pro version (+/- $600 US)- and then there is also in the family, Sequoia,the big cousin, which is even more “pro” but is about three grand. I use Samplitude, and also have the MMS, although an older version.

  4. Patrick J. says:

    On second look, I might be mistaken, with changeable ‘skins,’ programs can shift appearances, so it indeed resembles the look of the older version Samplitude and of MMS, and may still be, the picture is just too (low rez) fuzzy to say that might not just as well be Cubase or Cakewalk, or some other. Sorry to be so wishy washy.

    But if one is looking for something that CAN produce the kinds of results Father gets (and this is the important idea) then by all means, by recomendation stands, especially if one is looking for a good tool at not to dear a cost, MMS


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