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Interesting article about the Shroud of Turin

CNA has a cool Shroud article. A detail I did not know: [W]e know that the blood contacted the shroud before the body “because there’s no image beneath the shroud.”   Pope Benedict has announced that the Shroud will be … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Nuptial TLM questions

Folks… I don’t have time for this right now… can you help? From a reader: This summer, our diocese of ___ will see its first Extraordinary Form Liturgy since…well, probably since Vatican II.  The Mass will be a Nuptial Mass … Read More

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well project

I would like to bring to your attention the Miaani well project.  In Mianni, Kenya, it has not rained for over 10 months.  Disaster My friend from Rome, Msgr. John Mutiso-Mbinda is from that village and for years he he … Read More

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Card. Cipriani again! Lord of Miracles: protect unborn, families

First, let’s go over the NCR and look for this story there.  After all… who else but they bring you Catholic news? Looking… looking… nope.  Not there. From CNA comes the following by a growing fav with WDTPRS, Card. Cirpriani … Read More

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Kitties @ Twins

Go Twins! UPDATE 0209 GMTWHAT A GAME! KK of KC sms’d me: "No one with a pulse can watch this game and not like baseball." UPDATE 0250 TWINS WIN But that does not in any way capture how exciting this … Read More


Thanks and The Feeder Feed

First and foremost, many thanks to RE of WA for the books Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement by Yves Dupont and The Mass and Modernity:Walking to Heaven Backward, by Jonathan Robinson.  Also Wrath of God: The Days of the Antichrist … Read More

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Mother Angelica Honored by Pope Benedict XVI

I picked this up from waaytv.com Mother Angelica Honored by Pope Benedict XVI The Alabama nun who founded EWTN is being recognized by Pope Benedict XVI. Mother Mary Angelica was given the Cross of Honor, which is the highest honor … Read More

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Warehouse 13

I am curious about Warehouse 13. Has anyone seen it yet? Comments?


POLL ALERT! US Catholic on the upcoming Visitation of US Women Religious

There is a poll in the liberal US Catholic. Remember their nasty article and poll about Summorum Pontificum? Now they have a poll on the upcoming Visitation of Women Religious, asking if you think it is necessary, reasonable and justified, … Read More

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Commonweal’s ululating Sister X

A reader alerted me to an exemplary snotty whine in Commonweal from a radical dissenter nun – the anonymously ululating Sister X – about the upcoming Apostolic Visitation. A couple samples: What I sense today is that the Vatican will … Read More


KA PLAH! Klingons for Christ

It was only a matter of time. Indeed, Klingons accept the teachings of Christ as part of a warrior tradition. Christ brings not peace, but a sword. And this batlh’etlh is a sword of honor indeed! Lot’s of good theological … Read More

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Brick by brick in Wroclaw

Be sure to check out this Polish site Nowy Ruch Liturgiciczny for photos of a Solemn TLM coram episcopo, Most. Rev. Marian Golebiewski, Archbishop of Wroclaw. The photos are GREAT. Folks… this is what the RED MASS should always look … Read More

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Archbp. Chaput responds to Card. Cottier’s imprudent remarks on Notre Shame

AT LAST! You might recall that back in July WDTPRS responded to the disastrously imprudent comments of His Eminence George Card. Cottier made 30 Giorni.   I suggest you scan what I wrote before reading this piece below. Now His Excellency … Read More

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POTUS quotes Oath to medical manikins

Yesterday the President of the United States invited a highly sifted group of physicians to the White House.  The doctors mainly belonged to a group called Doctors for America.  This group used to be called Doctors for Obama. They were … Read More

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Followup: Allerton, Bywater (UK)

From Damian Thompson a follow up to THIS: [Archbishop] Arthur Roche gets his way at last: the little church at Allerton Bywater closes its doors You may remember the tremendous fuss – not to say anguish and heartbreak – over … Read More

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