Arrived: Detroit

I am on the ground in Detroit!

My hosts have been kind enough to fetch me from the airport and show me some of the sights in this part of town.

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  1. Oh my, Father. I guess you’re in one of the bad areas of Detroit. I know there are plenty!

    Be careful, Father!

    John P.

  2. Luke says:

    Hope the Call to Holiness Conference goes well!

  3. jbalza007 says:

    Yup, I agree.. doesn’t look good. Hopefully Father will be staying in a safe place…

  4. David Nowaczewski says:

    Welcome to the 313. Fr. Z only has to worry about things if he is wearing any Twins gear!

  5. David Nowaczewski says:

    BTW, either St. Joseph or St. Josaphat is hosting the traveling Fatima statute tonight and having a low mass according to the usus antiquior at 7 pm tonight. Both churches (along with Sweetest Heart of Mary) should not be missed, time permitting.

  6. Agnes says:

    Looks homey! May guardian angels attend thee, Padre Z.

  7. JohnE says:

    I lived in Southfield for a few months many years ago. If I recall correctly, this is the time of year when the trees in Detroit start sprouting plastic shopping bags. I remember the freeways were all below ground level too — felt like I should have been driving an X-Wing fighter (manufactured by GM of course so I don’t get the finger).

  8. Frank H says:

    Ouch. Talk about perpetuating the stereotype! While I have not lived in the Detroit area for three decades, it’s still home, and my heart breaks when I read of the city’s many woes. I’m looking forward to my trip to attend the Call to Holiness conference in the beautiful Shrine of the Little Flower. And looking forward to meeting our favorite blogging priest!

  9. salus says:

    The Archdiocese of Detroit home to Father Charles Coughlin and Call to Action Dissenter John Cardinal Dearden.

  10. Folks, these won’t be the only sights I get to see.

    I think….

    No… I’m sure.

  11. David N: Fr. Z only has to worry about things if he is wearing any Twins gear!

    You know.. that’s odd.

    Now that you mention it…

    Hmmm… I wonder if the bright red and blue Twins warmup jacket …

    Do you think that could be why I am getting those looks and gestures?

  12. David Nowaczewski says:

    Indeed! We are still in mourning regarding the Tigers and don’t need any reminders about the Twinkies triumph.

    Hmmm… I wonder if the bright red and blue Twins warmup jacket … (Isn’t there a canon against this? There ought to be!)

    In all seriousness, though, welcome to Detroit and I hope to say hello to you on Saturday.


  13. Jack Hughes says:

    Have a good time Father

  14. patrick_f says:

    Hmm Charming area…

    Really sad to see this, we certainly have our shares in St. Louis. The Great St Francis De Sales Oratory, at one time “The Cathedral of South St. Louis” (for a bishop having his titular seat there once, I think), rises from the ashes of an area just like this. The area immediately around it is getting better, dont go further then a block though.

    And keep mourning, Cards are going all the way, they just didnt want to make the Dodgers feel bad last night, in true Christian Charity. Only a matter of time, Repeat of 06!

    And in all seriousnous, Godspeed for a good, safe trip

  15. Tim Ferguson says:

    Welcome back to the D, Fr. Z!

    It will be good to see you on Saturday. In the meantime, your hosts can show you some things of great beauty – Lakeshore Drive (Jefferson Ave.) in the Fall; some of the most beautiful churches around (someone already mentioned Sweetest Heart of Mary and my parish, St. Josaphat – I’d add St. Anne de Detroit, at 308 years, the oldest parish in the US west of the Alleghenies); some great architecture; Tiger Stadium; the Renaissance Center – the only shoreline in the continental United States where you can look due south into Canada….

    In any case – welcome!

  16. Tina in Ashburn says:

    LOL, love that picture. SAAAAY….you took this shot because you like that giant birdfeeder in the background! Right?

  17. Go to King’s Books in the multi-floor warehouse. Fun stuff.

  18. Oleksander says:

    JohnE – lol

  19. Welcome to to Tiger Town……


  20. Oh, yeah – and you can still get tickets at the door for Call to Holiness for an extra $5.00 charge. Last count I heard was around 900 tickets sold. Adults were originally $25, now $30 at the door. I think Students were $10 or 15 before the $5 door charge. Seminarians were free at the time of registration.

  21. Joe K says:

    Welcome Father!

    Wish I was in town for better reasons, but I am home visiting from Alaska due to my father who is in the hospital.

    I hope you enjoy your visit. Surely visit Josaphat and Sweetest Heart.

    Wish I could make it to the conference, if you need any suggestions or ideas of what or where to go, drop a line!

  22. orthros says:

    Father, any chance you’ll set up a quick meet up for those of us in the Detroit area who can’t make the conference?

  23. Hey, aren’t the Red Wings reigning Stanley Cup champs? So Detroit has that going for it. Which is nice.

  24. Cristero says:

    The Pittsburgh Penguins are the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

    Go San Jose Sharks!

  25. The Pittsburgh Penguins, you say. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the defending Stanley Cup Champs. How ’bout that! So the Red Wings lost in the Finals. To the Pittsburgh Penguins. Those Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins must be pretty good.

  26. chironomo says:

    On my way to the CMAA Colloquium this past Summer, my “Garmin” decided the best route into Chicago was right through the middle of Gary, IN. Detroit looks rather plush by comparison…

  27. irishgirl says:

    Have a good time at the conference, Father Z!

    I hope to hear about it from a lady named Hilary, whom I met at the ‘Pilgrimage for Restoration’ last month. I sent her an email, but haven’t heard from her. I was soooo excited when she told me she was going to the conference-I said, ‘You’re going to see Father Z!’

    God, I wish I were going to the conference….well, anyway, knock ’em dead, Padre! Hope we’ll see some pictures…

    Yeah boko-the Pittsburgh Penguins ARE the reigning Stanley Cup champs-and they DID beat the Detroit Red Wings!

  28. Eric says:

    I had to switch planes in Detroit once. At the moment we left the ground from Detoit a group of twenty somethings broke into the “na, na, na, na, hey hey goodby” song. Afterword they were very vocal on their opinion of Detroit.

    My only experience was sprinting through the terminal to catch my plane. I was glad I made it.

  29. mpm says:

    “I’d add St. Anne de Detroit, at 308 years, the oldest parish in the US west of the Alleghenies”.


    Not so fast. Here’s a parish in the US that is 411 years old (founded 1598):

  30. Tim Ferguson says:

    Ah, mpm, mea culpa. I was hasty in my declaration. I knew that St. Augustine’s in Florida was older, and thought that there was one or two others on the East Coast, but just used my knowledge of the California missions (the earliest of which was founded in 1769) and New Orleans (first parish established in 1718) to make my assertion.

  31. mpm says:


    I only mentioned it because we should remember our debt to both our French and Spanish “fathers in the faih”.

    God bless.

  32. chironomo says:

    On the other hand… you gotta admire the high-quality graffiti…some of the worst cities seemto have some of the most creative minds wandering around looking for something to do!

  33. LarryD says:

    Tim F – no more Tiger Stadium. Just rubble now. But there are the 3 new gleaming casinos…

    So are there any plans for a blognic?

  34. MareD says:

    Once again I welcome you: Bonum est quia venisti, Pater! :)

  35. Oleksander says:

    Indeed! Joe K gives excellent suggestion in visiting Sweetest Heart of Mary and St. Josaphat (both are polish), Sweetest heart is the most beautiful in the city. Some have said that it should be the cathedral, but “recovated” (its not as bad as others but still) Blessed Sacrament is unfortunately.

    I believe St. Josaphat, though I have never been there, has a big painting on one of the walls of the “miracle at the vistula” which happened during the Polish (and Ukrainian!)-Soviet War, you dont see many war paintings of battles against communists in churches these days!

  36. mtober says:

    Welcome to the great State of Michigan! It is good to have you hear. It would be nice to meet the great Z while you are on this good soil. Next time you visit maybe a Blognic? There are a few bloggers in this wonderful state of ours. Hope your stay is one of rest, and spiritual renewal in Christ.

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