Some video of pressers in Rome and England

I was pleased to see that His Hermeneuticalness picked up on a couple videos posted on Youtube.

One is a blurb from the Vatican’s TV service about the presser in Rome.  Note that the Vatican’s announcer mispronounced Card. Levada’s name.  Funny.

The other is from the presser in England between the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury.

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  1. Hamburglar says:

    How is the Cardinal’s name pronounced?

  2. Thomas S says:


  3. Geremia says:

    Are “personal ordinaries” like what FSSP and IKCSP parishes have?

  4. Jordanes says:

    No, not at all. There aren’t any Personal Ordinariates in the Church at this time, and there won’t be until the Apostolic Constitution is released.

    FSSP and ICRSP are basically religious communities or orders or fraternities. They need the permission of the local ordinary to work in any given location. A Personal Ordinariate would not need any such permission, just as the Maronite Church located in the city of my bishop’s See doesn’t have to get my bishop’s permission to celebrate the Divine Liturgy or to receive chorbishops, priests, deacons or subdeacons, or to remodel or refurbish their church, or to build a new church. The Maronites have their own bishop that they answer to — they live within the geographical boundaries of my diocese, but are not members of the diocese. Indeed, my diocese exists within the geographical boundaries of the Maronites’ eparchy, but we are not members of that eparchy.

  5. DominiSumus says:

    Actually, since Levada is a Portuguese name, the announcer said it according the “correct” Portuguese pronunciation (Leh-VAH-dah). Leh-VAY-dah is the American prounciation.

  6. DominiSumus says:

    Oh, I also wanted to say that the word “Levada” means a pathway or trailway. It is a rather appropriate name of the Prefect of the CDF.

  7. stephenocist says:

    Here’s my latest two cents based on the news from London and the statements by some key American Anglicans:

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