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CNA and USCCB’s Sec. for Communications square off. Who speaks for the Catholic Church in the USA?

Before proceeding, you might want to review my post "Magisterium of Nuns". Remember: In direct opposition to the US Catholic bishops, the Catholic Health Association (CHA), run especially by liberal Catholic women religious, backed the "health care" reform legislation of … Read More

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Gerald Warner on Lord Lucas and “non-sectarian” Catholic schools

From my friend Fr. Ray Blake of St. Mary Magdalen, I learned about this article by firebrand Gerald Warner’s piece in the Daily Telegraph on something bizarre. WDTPRS has written of Gerald Warner before. Here he is on the real … Read More

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It sure would be nice to have access to online articles in a couple publications in the UK. There are articles in The Times Sunday edition and… – gak – The Pill….

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Truculent truck owner

This will probably irritate readers of the Democrat persuasion, and I’ll get silly messages that I am being political or partisan, blah blah blah.  I respond in advance "piffle".  I simply like this guy’s no-nonsense Missouri style! With a biretta … Read More

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New miniseries coming about Venerable Pius XII

A new miniseries/film is in the works, Sotto il Cielo di Roma, Under the Roman Sky.  It will star James Cromwell as Ven. Pius XII and deal with his to save the Jews of Rome.   Not new news, but it’s … Read More

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