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PLENARY INDULGENCE for Closing Day of Year for Priests

I would like to remind all lay people that it is possible to obtain, on the closing day for the Year for Priests, 19 June, a plenary indulgence.  The decree of the Penitenzieria Apostolica says: During the Year for Priests … Read More

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“Opportune and necessary.”

I use the following good news as a stepping stone into a little rant of my own. A reader with the Latin Mass Society in the UK sent me a copy of a letter they received from the Pontifical Commission … Read More

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Bees are interesting critters.  In the ancient world they were thought to reproduce parthenogenetically.   Therefore, in the early Church, bees were a symbol of virginity and purity.  Because of the honey they produce, they were sometimes associated with eloquence.  Hagiographical … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Public recitation of Office without a priest or deacon

From a reader: Is it permissible for the laity to organize and do Vespers in public without a priest or deacon present? I may try to organize something for a weekly vespers from the Monastic Diurnal, and once a month … Read More

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Lord of the Rings flow chart

From xkcd, this is sure to amuse you and amaze you. Here is a flow chart of character interaction in The Lord of the Rings…. the movies not the far superior books. This explains the absence of Tom Bombadil. Right … Read More

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