The Feeder Feed: Christological Goldfinch Sighting!

I am at the Detroit Institute of Art for the day. After the court decision, some of the art here will surely be sold off. Ah the fruit of the decades long efforts of liberal democrats!

In any event…

This is a pretty Madonna and Child by Sano di Pietro. I’ve seen a few of his Madonnas in NYC at the Met and one of those is presently serving as my phone’s wallpaper.


And there is our old friend the XPFinch!


I am splitting my time at the DIA by also doing research in their library. NICE people! A helpful cheerful librarian is a gift!


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  1. Patra says:

    I love wandering through the DIA. I’ve visited the DIA so many, many times over the past thirty plus years. It really saddens me knowing that some of their finest pieces might be auctioned off. I have no idea as to what this will mean/do to their museum status. Fr. Z, might you be at Assumption Grotto tomorrow for 9:30 Mass????

  2. Patra says:

    Oops! I meant to say this Sunday at 9:30 Mass. Sorry about that…I’m a day ahead of myself!

  3. Patra: I should be around.

  4. Reginald Pole says:

    Hopefully the DIA’s art will be declared not city property but held in trust for the people of the city, thus protecting it from bankruptcy proceedings.,0,2806308.story#axzz2mVuLjzZU

  5. Kerry says:

    If the art is auctioned away, will any wealthy liberal buyers grasp the irony? [HAH! They’ll blame someone else.]

  6. kat says:

    Welcome to Detroit, Father!
    I love the DIA, but do not get there too frequently.
    That artwork should not be declared city property. People have paid taxes to help it along. It is the people’s!

  7. Kat: That artwork should not be declared city property.

    Some of the pieces there were purchased by the City of Detroit… with your money, of course.

    Also, I suspect that sale of the art would not put a substantial dent in the debt. It would, however, impoverish the city.

  8. Netmilsmom says:

    WILL you be at Grotto?

  9. cathgrl says:

    If you do any other research at the DIA during the week (during the day), if you want a break for fresh air, you might consider going across the street to the main branch of Detroit Public Library. When you get there, ask how you get to Adam Strohm Hall on the third floor. The Hall is cool in itself, but go to the stairway directly underneath the St. Clare mural. No finches (I think) but still awesome.

  10. Supertradmum says:

    I especially love your bird postings. It is 9 above here and there are chickadees outside the window. I think they are begging to be let in.

    I get concerned when too much art work goes into private collections. Let us hope another gallery buys the lot.

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